Alaskan Road Truckers presents expanded scope ahead of fall release

Recently (during the Future Games Show) new gameplay footage was released showing the insane amount of detail of the gameplay mechanics that will be available.

From filling up on gas to buying chocolate at a supermarket to cooking meals in the microwave, not only can you drive your customized truck, but you can also walk around the area. You’ll also have to manage your health and resources, and upgrade your base as you progress.

The aforementioned dynamic weather and time conditions are a standout feature, although overall graphical fidelity may not be top-notch at this point. There will also be a change of seasons in the Northwestern US state, with street furniture adapting to the season.

In a SnowRunner-style structure, numerous challenges must be completed that require the transport of valuable cargo, such as a tank or a large excavator.

The title has made significant strides over the past year and was first revealed in 2022 before offering an early demo on Steam to gather feedback. During this period there was a change in name and release date.

Alaskan Road Truckers dynamic snowy weather

Alaskan Road Truckers was created by Road Studio, published by Green Man Gaming Publishing and will be released in Fall 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

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