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All included content with a basic iRacing subscription

If you’re looking to get started with iRacing, what does a basic subscription include? Here are the included cars, tracks and features.

Registering for an account results in a standard membership to the service and allows users access to all things iRacing. In addition to the subscription, members can purchase tracks, cars, race servers, and third-party applications, all of which can add up to a richer and more expensive experience.

Let’s say you’re hesitant to try iRacing and you don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars right away. Then what comes with the standard subscription? As of Season 4 2022, here’s what you’ll get if you choose to try the service on a trial period with a basic subscription.


There are four different license classifications on iRacing, and content must be included in order for new members to progress through the rookie ranks. Oval, Road, Dirt Oval, and Dirt Road are these disciplines, and as such, you’ll find enough content to meet the requirements for progression.

Most of the vehicles you will find are primarily designed for street racing, but who says you can’t take a Volkswagen Jetta and drive it around an oval track?

Cadillac CTS-V Street
Legends Ford ’34 coupe oval
Legends Ford ’34 Rookie Coupe oval
Dirt Legends Ford ’34 coupe Grunge Oval
Dirt Street Stock Grunge Oval
Dirt UMP Modified Grunge Oval
formula water Street YES SIR
Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Street YES SIR
Kia Optima Street YES SIR
Lucas Oil Offroad Pro 2 Lite dirt road
Pontiac Solstice Street
Radical SR8 Street
SCCA Spec Racer Ford Street YES SIR
street stock oval YES SIR
Volkswagen Beetle dirt road
Volkswagen Beetle Lite dirt road
VW Jetta TDI Cup Street YES SIR
[LEGACY] Branches DW12 Oval/Street
[LEGACY] NASCAR Truck Chevrolet Silverado – 2008 oval


Coca-Cola 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway |  eNCCiS race preview

As with the vehicles above, there are enough tracks to meet all license requirements to move from a rookie license to a Class D license. Once you start trying your hand at Class D licensed races, you will likely need to purchase more content to continue competing.

Some of the free tracks have multiple configurations that can be used in different licenses. For example, Charlotte Motor Speedway has an oval, a street course, and a rallycross configuration for the dirt road license. There’s also Centripetal Circuit on this list, but unfortunately that’s not used anywhere on the service except in single-player tests.

centripetal cycle test only 1
Charlotte Motor Speedway Oval, road, dirt track 9 YES (not all floor plans)
Concord Speedway oval 1 YES SIR
Daytona “Rallycross” dirt road 2
Langley Speedway oval 1 YES SIR
Lanier National Speedway Oval, dirt oval 2 YES (tarmac only)
Limaland Motorsports Park Grunge Oval 1
Lime Rock Park Street 4 YES (all floor plans)
Okayama International Circuit Street 2 YES (both layouts)
Oran Park race track Street 6 YES (not all floor plans)
Oulton Park Circuit Street 8th YES (all floor plans)
Oxford Plains Speedway oval 1
Rudskogen motor cutter Street 1 YES SIR
South Boston Speedway oval 1 YES SIR
Southern National Motorsports Park oval 1 YES SIR
Summit Racetrack Street 5 YES (not all floor plans)
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park oval 1 YES SIR
Tsukuba circuit Street 7 YES (all floor plans)
USA International Speedway Oval, dirt oval 2 YES (tarmac only)
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Street 2 YES (Full only)
[LEGACY] Charlotte Motor Speedway 2008 oval, street 4
[LEGACY] Lime Rock Park 2008 Street 3
[LEGACY] Phoenix Raceway 2008 Oval, road, dirt track 3


What you need to know about iRacing AI

Of course, racing online with other members in the rookie ranks to build up your license level is the most common practice when starting out in iRacing, but there are more things you can take part in.

Hosted sessions and league racing are both ways to unofficially compete against others online. Of course, you can only participate in races that use the included content.

The same goes for AI Racing, a part of the service that’s relatively new, but more and more content is being added build after build. You’ll notice that I’ve included a column in the tables above indicating whether a content can be used with iRacing AI. Although a work in progress, iRacing AI is a great way to get track time and learn how to drive iRace in a non-online environment.

The iRacing interface also allows for car design and provides templates for the vehicles you own. There are pre-built bases with a list of sponsors already built-in to choose from, but customization is also possible if you have the means with something like GIMP or Photoshop.

Of course, if you decide to continue your iRacing career, you can always purchase content that will likely be part of your library forever, unless iRacing decides to withdraw or replace the content, which may be of some sort Lending business so you get something back in return.

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