art of rally – Indonesia already available

Finally Indonesia is available in the game and we will enjoy these new six stages. For those who don’t know, it is a a tremendous homage to the days when rallies were easierand for those who have already finished it, this free expansion is available and a new free extension to kenya.

The jungle of Sumatra, Java and other Indonesian islands is portrayed with a beautiful palette of colors on our retinas as we drive at full speed through its dirt roads with the classics (and not so classics) included in the game while having fun a different kind of speed and cars.

You have it in there for 11 euros Eneba and to buy here: art of rally

Here’s the latest fun selector Video of the launch of this extension.

art of rally Indonesia update is now available for PC! The update includes 6 new tracks, 2 new songs and a new freeroam area. Coming soon to consoles!

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