Asetek shows its Invicta base

Several new brands have recently entered the SimRacing hardware market. Not only from the Far East, but also from Europe, there are some competitors who are trying to oust the current market leaders.

The case of Asetek is remarkable because in just a few months they have developed interesting devices with a broad vision of the ecosystem they want to build for the future. All this despite the fact that the company is relatively small (just over 100 employees) and based in one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

Asetek moved part of its potential to Cologne this weekend to present future products to the public. Unlike other brands that hide their trump cards until the final product, Asetek is completely transparent.

If a few days ago we were talking about their finished Pagani pedals with Asetek Invicta base, now we have seen several prototypes of their future steering wheel and Direct Drive base. Expect the design to be far from final, but its CEO has already revealed some interesting information on what this new 27Nm alternative is based on.

This direct-drive Invicta base, which will feature the brand’s signature LEDs, will be their flagship and most expensive product. According to the CEO, the decision was made to use well-known and reliable technologies instead of complicated and time-consuming development, and to license Granite Devices know-how for these devices. This ensures the quality and reliability of the Simucube Sockets, using Christmas as a deadline to anticipate the finished product.

There will be four rings, each with GT and Formula variants; Asetek Invicta and Asetek Forte, priced according to the high-end and mid-range. The rims shown are pre-production prototypes as are the sockets, so aside from the potential seen in them we’ll have to wait for the final product.

According to Anders Erikssen, the company will focus on developing software to give the ecosystem its own identity before rounding out the package with cockpits that live up to the reputation they are building.

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See you on the track!

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