Assetto Corsa Competizione version 1.9 receives suspension and force feedback changes

Another day, another live stream highlighting more updates on one of our favorite simulator platforms.

Yesterday, ‘Aris’ released details of an update to version 1.9, set to arrive alongside the optional 2023 GT World Challenge DLC, coming to PC on April 19th. Then he covered changes in tire pressure and how the rubber behaves differently.

Today, April 16, he reported on changes to suspension components that could change the way you approach curbs.

New stop buffer system

Unlike the existing 1.8 physics set, 1.9 will introduce a maximum compression travel of 20-30mm for the suspension bump stops.

In the past, jounce bumpers could be compressed infinitely, which counteracts their primary role in the real world of limiting travel to avoid contacting parts that could cause damage.

It would mean you could create a custom setup with soft springs to drive the bump stops continuously. This pushed the car lower to the ground, resulting in less drag and more straight line speed.

Theoretically, this is no longer possible because they stop compressing after a short stroke. This in turn forces riders to use a setup with stiffer springs and rebound damping in order to have enough usable travel.

Adjusted damper too

Another revised element alongside the new bump stops and tire pressure management will be dampers, which will function differently when the damper stiffness is changed at low speeds.

The fast damping simulation is also said to have been revised, which led to different vehicle behavior on curbs, bumps and bumps.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Nissan GT-R Bathurst

Force feedback changes

Finally, it wouldn’t be a significant update to a simulator without tweaks to force feedback. This is intended to match any changes in suspension and tire physics.

Again, to mitigate the negative effects of excessive negative toe – which should now produce less than ideal tire temperatures – it will also result in blurring around the center of the steering wheel when applied to the front of a car. In the rear area, the force feedback system now provokes fishtails when braking.

Changes in tire pressure are intended to more clearly represent sidewall movement through the steering, with lower pressure requiring more steering input and higher pressure providing less input.

Assetto Corsa Competizione April 2023 damper update

The end goal

The net result, once you’ve chosen a setup, should be cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione that can curb more smoothly. In theory, this avoids some of those moments when a car could crash over a curb and then spiral aggressively out of control.

“The bottom line is you can [still] Make mistakes that will make your car jump,” said Vasilakos.

“You also have to work on your setup to find the right amount of stiffness, bump stops and dampening to make it work.

“I’m not saying you’re going to get 1.9 and jump over all the curbs right away, and… Nothing’s going to throw your car off balance. That will not be the case.

“But I definitely think we have a very good improvement and now you can control the bounce even more by working with springs, dampers and bump stops.”

2023 GT World Challenge DLC lineup confirmed for Assetto Corsa Competizione

Version 1.9 will also include tire model changes described previously and will form the basis of the paid DLC, which includes the Ricardo Tormo Circuit (Valencia) and three new GT3 cars. Liveries for the 2023 season are set to follow at a later date, along with console support.

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