August 2022 PC sim racing build

Summer of crisis and heat. Our sweat bags feel the price increase at all levels and components are not getting cheaper. Given the state of international affairs, now might not be such a bad time to buy as we may be a lot worse off in a few months. New AMD, Intel and Nvidia graphics cards are currently on the way, but who knows what will happen until then?

This time we have 12600K which is more than enough for you to try whatever you want. It’s surrounded by other mid-range components of sufficient quality to ensure trouble-free operation. Asus motherboard, Samsung SSD, corsair Power supply with golden energy efficiency and a nice Corsair box This time that RTX3080 Graphics card is available at almost the suggested retail price. In total I spent just over 2000 euros.

Remember that you can sign up for a free month with Amazon Prime, which offers thousands of products and free home delivery, in addition to the usual services like video, music, Twitch (with a free monthly subscription) and so on . As a student, you can also use all the advantages of Amazon Prime such as videos, music, photos and Twitch for only 18 euros. Don’t forget to register here.

The setup we recommend is available for just over 2000 euros. We opted for mid-range components. We tried to use only Amazon suppliers to avoid additional shipping costs and delays. avast vpn crack 2018

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