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Automobilista 2: Updates for June 2023 – Part 1

Automobilista 2 enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming milestone update V1.5, which promises significant improvements, new features and exciting content for the popular racing simulation game.

In this article, we’ll recap the key highlights of the recent development update and give a glimpse of what players can expect.

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revision of the physics

One of the main focuses of V1.5 is a major overhaul of the physics. Building on the tire results discussed in the previous update, the AMS2 team has been working diligently to revise and refine the physics for all vehicle classes. While the tire updates serve as the basis for the overhaul, the adjustments and refinements extend to various elements of the vehicles. A special physics development update provides technical details for those who want to delve deeper into this aspect.

Adrenaline Pack DLC: Rallycross Racing

Rallycross – drivers 2

V1.5 will introduce the highly anticipated Adrenaline Pack DLC, expanding the racing experience of AMS2 beyond Asphalt. This DLC brings a range of off-road and extreme cars and tracks to the simulation. The highlight of the package is the inclusion of rallycross racing, which benefits from built-in support for the powerful Madness engine. The dynamic LiveTrack system seamlessly handles deformable terrain and ensures smooth transitions between dirt, gravel and asphalt. Rallycross enthusiasts can expect a detailed set of rules, including the use of wildcard laps.

The DLC will include notable cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer X and the VW Polo RX, with at least two more models to come. In addition, Adrenaline offers other dirt-oriented classes, including Rallycross Karts, which are known for their exciting and fun racing experience. Several rallycross layouts of existing Grade A circuits will be featured, including Barcelona, ​​Hockenheimring, Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps. Additionally, remastered tracks from the original AMS1, such as Ascurra, Foz, and Tykki, have been carefully recreated in the DX11 engine to bring players a new experience.

More V1.5 developments

In addition to the Adrenaline Pack DLC, V1.5 will include several notable free updates. Originally planned for V1.4.8, the Sigma P1 G5 will now be part of V1.5 alongside its direct competitor, the Metalmoro AJR. The AMS2 team has also made valuable improvements on the track front, with the ability to increase pit spaces beyond pit building capacity and support for setting start/finish points at previously unsupported positions. These improvements allow tracks that were limited to small fields to be scaled up, with the aim of creating a field of at least 26 vehicles, with the possibility of further increasing the grid size.

The development team has been working diligently to improve AI behavior and calibration in both dry and wet weather conditions, refine AI racing lines, and fix performance differences. While no major improvements to the multiplayer experience are expected for version 1.5, efforts are being made to address potential causes of client disconnects and to introduce quality of life improvements such as: B. the expansion of voting options and the ability to continue sessions automatically without host interaction. A Visible Safety Car will also be introduced, leading the field in rolling starts and full course yellow situations, improving vehicle immersion. Different pit crew sets and the option to make the HALO column transparent on F-Ultimates Gen and Gen2 vehicles further contribute to the overall quality of life improvement in V1.5.

Le Mans is coming

LeMans 24h

Exciting news for endurance racing enthusiasts: Le Mans will come to AMS2 later this year. The team has secured the rights to model the modern track using laser scanning

ata ensures a precise and immersive racing experience. Alongside the modern title, historical versions from the 70’s and 90’s will also be included, allowing players to relive iconic moments from the past. To round out the Le Mans experience, a range of new cars will be introduced including 2023 LMDh Hypecars, LMPs and a new batch of 2023 GT3 cars. AMS2 already has a collection of Group C cars from the late ’80s and GT1 cars from the late ’90s, and the upcoming updates will expand the endurance racing timeline with prototypes and GT cars from the early ’70s to the early ’70s Expand mid 00s.

Introducing the AMS2 Paddock Club

F1 – Driver 2

With the release of the Adrenaline Pack and V1.5, the AMS2 team has outlined their plans for future DLC and community engagement. Instead of offering a new season pass, they have decided to create the AMS2 Paddock Club. This membership-based program allows enthusiastic users to contribute to the future development of AMS2 and participate in the development process through access to the AMS2 beta. While existing plans for AMS2 are already on track, the additional support of the AMS2 Paddock Club can help expand and accelerate the implementation of these plans.

looking ahead

The V1.5 update and upcoming Adrenaline Pack DLC and Le Mans supplement demonstrate

the commitment of the AMS2 team to deliver an exceptional racing experience. The future of AMS2 looks bright, with ongoing developments, physics overhauls, new content and community participation on the horizon. Whether you’re a fan of rallycross, endurance racing, or just enjoy the thrill of high-quality racing simulations, AMS2 V1.5 and above will provide an exciting and immersive experience for virtual racing enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this development update where more exciting highlights and details about AMS2 V1.5 will be revealed.

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