Best Sim Racing Gloves 2023

Some people think it’s nonsense to use gloves when simracing. It all seems logical until you get your hands on a direct-drive wheelbase and realize you have to hold on while also putting in significant physical effort to keep from the power and vibrations overwhelming your wrists. It’s time to protect yourself from blisters and calluses and prevent sweat from flattening the Alcantara on the steering wheel, while maintaining the cleanliness of our equipment.

Gloves can help improve the driver’s grip and precision at the wheel, especially when they are specifically designed for sim racing and have non-slip properties on the palms and fingers. They can also absorb moisture from the sim racer’s hands, reducing slippage and improving wheel control.

In our 2023 range we have a variety of gloves from competition oriented to gloves specifically designed for SimRacing. They come in a variety of prices and colors to suit your preferences.

Simracing gloves


Since their first release in 2021, these gloves have evolved into different models depending on our needs. In the spirit of SimRacing, they are light and breathable. Models with external seams were added this year, making them the only SimRacing gloves with this level of processing, which is similar to professional gloves. They can be purchased here for 33 euros.

Simhound external


Designed exclusively for SimRacing, these F33L SR2 gloves are part of the extensive range of cycling glove based options. The main difference to other gloves in this price range is in the palm, where the additional rubber (silicone) ensures maximum grip on the steering wheel. You can read our review by clicking here.


We’ve talked about the Hypergrip gloves many times. They’re good gloves, but not very durable and expensive, especially given current prices. Maybe they are suitable for summer because of their breathability, but there are better alternatives. They recently released a variant called Hypergrip+ that is even more expensive.

hypergrip+1 hypergrip+2


Racer Daniel Morad is a huge SimRacing enthusiast and there are plenty of demonstrations of it on his YouTube or Twitch channel. As if that wasn’t enough, he provides his followers with a range of accessories to spend their money on.

Morad Gloves

From 67 euros, there are more variants to choose from in his shop and the possibility of individualisation.

work or competition gloves


At Sparco you’ll find a range of mechanics that are more expensive than other brands but won’t break the bank too much. They are comfortable and functional.

Of course, at Sparco you have a great alternative with gloves that have been specially developed for competition. We’ve even tested a few of these here, but don’t think they’re worth buying for home use unless you can find them for a reasonable price. These Sparco Record karting gloves cost 61 euros, less than the Hypergrip+.

record breaking


These are work gloves similar to Sparco mechanic’s gloves, from an American brand that collaborates with many official institutions in the United States and around the world. They are used in the areas of security, industry and all imaginable physical work. They are not for slender fingers or stylized hands. There are many varieties, including summer, winter, sensitive, protective, etc. You can find them all on Amazon, in every color you can imagine.


When it comes to buying simRacing gloves, one of the favorites is to buy a cheap kart model and these OMP gloves stand out for their attractive price in the most popular size. They’re not as cheap as they used to be, but they’re a basic model, enough to meet the basic needs of any motorist.

On the competition side, for those wanting to have something FIA certified at home, there’s the One S gloves, currently priced at €112.

ib770 one s white 2 ib770 one s white

There are other models from OMP at slightly higher prices, such as these KS-2 Art gloves.

kk02748 OMP Glove KS 2 Art Cyan 2 kk02748 OMP Glove KS 2 Art Cyan

You can also find other models and brands in our glove section.

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