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BMW M SIM Cup: URANO with starting number 90 benefits from the distance to the leading sister car

Those who were averse to the colors red and black breathed a sigh of relief as they witnessed Apex Racing Academy’s victory at Watkins Glen.

Until then, the BMW M SIM Cup was exclusively URANO eSports. To be honest, it could have stayed that way had it not been for exceptional circumstances.

Three front runners of the race have all retired in one way or another. It really was one of those days when sticking to the white lines brought benefits far beyond the usual.

Nevertheless, the main team and the teams of DATAGROUP URANO still had a clear point advantage. Vlad Khimichev immediately led the drivers’ standings. When the competition arrived at the virtual Spa-Francorchamps, a speedy return to form was almost to be expected.


Drago Racing’s groundbreaking qualifying session in the USA has been amazingly improved. Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek would lead the field from pole ahead of the aforementioned Khimichev.

Next up was BS+Turner; Valtteri Alander leads the main engine of Owen Caryl’s Apex Racing Team. The top 5 is rounded off by Dominik Hofmann in the sponsorless URANO participant. In the GT3 class, the #71 Team Redline car topped the leaderboard by securing pole position.

Gianni Vecchio would play the opening stint ahead of BS+Turner’s Felix Quirmbach and Diogo Pinto’s Redline sister machine. The table leader would be involved in his own BS+Competition duel; Phil Denes starts fourth.


Alex Dunn proved to be the top-ranked loser of both categories in the first round. It was terribly sad after the departure of Les Combes given what had been a wonderful performance up until then in honor of the late Dilano van ‘t Hoff.

Pinto made quick work against Quirmbach in the first sector and set up a Redline double win early on.

In the GTPs, Caryl had fallen behind the Mivano and URANO Huawei of Fraser Williamson and Yoep de Ligt respectively.

His day would only get worse and he ended up outside the top 20 again. While it wasn’t as disastrous for those following him, a significant gap began to form between the top two and those following him.

As has become a tradition, watching the first round was more of a thriller than a documentary. Several drivers were caught one way or another, including Denes, who headed towards the pit lane from the top five GT3 drivers.

As a distant memory loomed in the rear view, Khimichev set about attacking Lemanek and taking the lead. a lead he would carve out twenty-five minutes later on the Kemmel Straight.

His lead over Lemanek would increase dramatically after the first phase of the pit stop, as URANO was short on fuel across the board. The loss of time for Drago Racing was so extreme that even Daniel Alves Lourenco, newly in the #90 driver’s seat, was able to make up a place.

Williams Esports MAHLE was now also on the hunt for a podium. With the hour on the horizon, Josh overtook Lad Lemanek for third and danced into the distance through the traffic.

Drago would return to the podium sooner than thought, but not in the way they would have liked.

Unfortunately, Khimichev suffered a disconnect just after halftime, putting his sister car in the lead. It heralded a somewhat calmer phase in which the top three in both classes stagnated for 45 minutes.

Finally, since the home straight is in sight, finally action. The two Redlines had dominated the action in the GT3 class and withstood the pressure from URANO HP and BS+Turner in the middle of the race.

Chris Lulham had bided his time before finally getting a clear chance at Les Combes; not that Ole Steinbråten showed too much resistance.

The Norwegian showed a bit more momentum after that and chased Lulham to the checkered flag but failed to bring down the runaway leader.

The absolute winner of the race was, of course, Lourenco, who remained unchallenged after Khimichev’s early departure from the lobby. URANO was back on top but it was the second placed team in the championship which made the future interesting.


  1. Dominik Hofmann/Daniel Alves Lourenco – URANO eSports – LEADER
  2. Josh Lad/Matt Farrow – Williams Esports MAHLE – +8.075
  3. Przemyslaw Marek Lemanek/Arturo Melgar – Drago Racing – +21.013
  4. Yoep de Ligt/Dylan Scrivens – URANO eSports Huawei – +21,331
  5. Valtteri Alander/Pedro Sanchez Albert – BS+Turner – +30.557


  1. Chris Lulham/Diogo Pinto – Team Redline – LEADER
  2. Gianni Vecchio/Ole Steinbråten – Team Redline – +0.251
  3. Luca Kita/Sam Kuitert – URANO eSports HP – +9,246
  4. Felix Quirmback/Elias Raika – BS+Turner – +9.732
  5. Alejandro Sanchez/Luke McKeown – Apex Racing Team – +15.819

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