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Games publisher Funbox Media has announced a deal with developer Vision Reelle to release physical and digital versions of Classic Racers Elite this summer.

Set in the sepia-toned ’60s, Classic Racers Elite is an arcade racing game that focuses on the racers of the era as they tackle point-to-point, hillclimb-style courses, while retaining aesthetic elements of SimBin’s take on the GT historical racing genre share legends .

Although there have been delays in the recent past, the new publishing deal allows for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch releases this summer, with the title appearing simultaneously on PC via Steam.

Players can choose from four different car categories and race on up to 50 tracks, including a historic-era Monaco clone. The cars are unlicensed, but with the most distinctive body styles including the Mini Cooper, Ford Escort and BMW 2002, anyone with even the rudimentary knowledge of historic motorsport will be familiar with them.

Classic Racers Elite is clearly inspired by SimBins GT Legends

With 12 championships to complete, Free Run and Time Attack modes, there’s over four hours of gameplay, with cross-platform online leaderboards providing an added incentive to keep playing.

While the game is simplistic in approach, Classic Racers Elite should find a happy home on the Switch (and possibly the Steam Deck pending review) thanks to its learn-and-play capabilities, with gameplay focused on an arcade game That goes back to the basics approach.

Classic Racers Elite

Classic Racers Elite is slated for release this summer on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Switch pre-order page lists the release date as June 29th, priced at £24.99/$29.99/€29.99.

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