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Circuit Superstars Hotfix Released, DLC Roadmap and Mods Discussed | traction

The latest from Circuit Superstars is a hotfix update, available now for PC, but also a community update, sharing possible future efforts for the title.

Original Fire Games, the development team behind the stylized top-down racing sim Circuit Superstars, released a small 37.82 MB update yesterday (September 23, 2022) to fix several minor issues. Bug fixes include multiple Time Trial mode issues, small typos, and scaling issues, among others.

At the same time, the Italian development studio released more information about the future of the game, including hints on the direction its next DLC will take and the possibility of implementing community-made mods in a future update.

In its September Community Update, Original Fire Games (OFG) promised that the next DLC content for Circuit Superstars will “… bring a whole new kind of experience to the game in a very playful way.”

Race track superstars, poke bowl, sprint car

This points to a completely different course from previous DLC content, which was more focused on “serious” motorsport vehicles such as Sprint Cars, Prototypes and Stock Cars. With the newly introduced dirt track racing in the Hot Ride Summer Update, could more off-road content be on the way?

The team also allayed fans’ fears about the Nintendo Switch version slated for this year, intriguingly declaring, “The wait won’t be long.”

As for other future improvements, the team is looking to improve Circuit Superstars’ netcode, with a full investigation into lag issues to be completed and action taken before the end of the year.

Circuit Superstars Spring Patch

As far as modding goes, OFG is optimistic about introducing community content in the future, but plans for that are still at a very early stage:

“We heard your strong desire to create content for Circuit Superstars. So let’s start exploring what modding can look like. This conversation is still in the early stages, but of course this is a community feature. So once we have more thoughts and directions we will share this to get your feedback.”

The latest hotfix for the PC version of Circuit Superstars is available now, with PlayStation and Xbox updates coming next week.

Circuit Superstars Online Podium

What do you think of the proposed Circuit Superstars direction? Would you like to see mods in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

Circuit Superstars September Hotfix Changelog (Out Now on PC):

  • Lost GP progress before August 14th will be merged with your current GP progress.
  • Returning to the TT UI after exiting TT should no longer break the UI
  • Game does not switch back to TT when trying to join a server from a reservation
  • Hopefully rank icons shouldn’t break anymore
  • Callstacks shown in error messages now have a lot of fluff removed
  • The game will never run below 800×600 resolution again
  • After restarting a lap in TT, no penalties will be applied before the start of a lap
  • Fixed a few typos and scaling issues in the explanation screens

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