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Co-op is exactly what Need for Speed ​​Unbound needs

Need for Speed ​​Unbound is BACK…again.

Volume 3 is out tomorrow, June 20th, and while it includes a new car, some fire customization items, and a new XP-based progression system, we’d like to tell you that online co-op is spot on.

“Linkups” is the term for online co-op in Unbound and they are a new addition to the free Vol.3 update coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

They are found in Lakeshore Online and appear randomly, denoted by a light green icon on the map. A notification will also appear in the top left of your screen with a countdown timer for the start of the event.

Between playing playlist events, looking for money, or trying out your ride, you can now take part in these Extra Events simply by driving to one of seven areas cordoned off like a crime scene – except instead of cordon tape, there’s a giant transparent one Barrier gives green wall.

Here you will be faced with a series of challenges.

Wait, “subdued” almost sounds like punishment. No, you’re presented with a series of over-the-top tasks which we found to be frantic confusion in a positive way.

Beginning with the start of four laps, each with multiple phases, it can be as simple as drifting until a meter is full. Or, secure enough airtime by throwing your car on jumps with more panache than a monster-energy-drinking kangaroo.

These goals are collaborative. Anyone on the same server as you will also see the linkup on their map, and if they feel like helping out, just drive anywhere within the giant green circle.

Things soon heat up when the police arrive and try to spoil your fun. I mean what’s your problem? I only smash into barrels of pink paint on a gold course?!

As the complexity of the challenges increases and the heat level rises, the whole thing becomes a source of adrenaline. Here it is of great help to play with friends or even people that you have never met before.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Linkups

Sometimes you have to jump through certain air gates or try to find hidden golden bears. Slipstreaming other cars or maintaining speed over 100 miles per hour. On its own it’s nothing particularly original or genre-defining, but combined with Unbound’s environment and online system, it’s a stunner.

There was a moment when our companion in a converted Ford Focus jumped over us while we were also in the air with the police in tow. We both landed our respective jumps and reached the phase goal.

And we didn’t even know who was there. Two people from different parts of the world work together to achieve a common goal. We then sent a chat wheel emoticon as a thank you before realizing we had to evade the police to keep our bank. To pop.

I hadn’t had this much enjoyment from an online open-world driving game since one of developer Criterion Games’ older titles, Burnout Paradise. Do you remember going to the Wildcats ballpark together? Yes, but with more A$AP Rocky and Crashing.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound DMC DeLorean

It should be noted that during our preview period we weren’t able to try out a full capacity 16 player Linkup. This will surely be utter madness. It also begs the question: if these had just been included from day one, perhaps more people would have judged Unbound on its online merits. I suppose we’ll never know.

The DMC DeLorean builds on these new game mechanics. Yes, before you ask: there is a challenge in the game where you get XP for reaching 140 km/h…

Since this is a B-class stock, which is happily not top-of-the-line and has room for improvement, you’ll need to complete 12 rounds of shortcuts to unlock it. Then it’s available both online and offline for $45,000.

Not much to say about the driving experience, but it does what Unbound does best – almost endless tuning and body kit options.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Speed ​​Pass

Elsewhere, there’s a new “Battle Pass” style system. When it comes to other racing games, consider F1 23’s Podium Pass. Earn XP, level up and unlock cosmetic items.

Unbound’s Speed ​​Pass only includes non-performance-enhancing trinkets – think neon and livery stickers under the floor – and there’s no paid tier. Not a fundamental change, but again one that would have been welcome earlier as an incentive to continue playing.

Anyway, it’s here now, take it or leave it. In fact, you have to accept it as it replaces the existing ranking system.

As you complete challenges from the lists – there are 57 new entries in this update – or place well in online playlists, you’ll earn great experience points and move up the 75 ranks. There is also a legendary custom version of the existing Dodge Viper to reach level 50.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound - ROBOJETS Mazda RX-7

A new in-game store rounds out this update, along with three new online drift playlists that show your rivals in ghost form on-screen. Unlike the Speed ​​Pass, here you can spend real money on cars. However, these are heavily modified versions of existing models without an increase in performance. It’s not about winning, it’s about looking good.

The ROBOJETS Mazda RX-7, for example, is wild. It looks like a clay model sculpted with a samurai sword, but it’s hard to tell what it was originally based on. The Japanese manufacturer issued a special permit for the glaring optics.

The new Legendary Custom Ford Mustang is brutal, if perhaps not as outlandish as the Mazda. However, there is an LED strip with animated lettering on the back. Buying this also lets you skip 10 Speed ​​Pass levels – ah, there you go.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound: Legendary Custom Ford Mustang

Still, linkups. That’s where it’s at, and while cramming a speed pass and store together looks like a potential money grab at first glance, we applaud the purely visual nature of the paid content. take it or leave it The main additions here are free and awesome.

It’s time to restart Need for Speed ​​Unbound Lakeshore Online…

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