Confirmed: NASCAR Cup Series DLC 2022 is coming to NASCAR Heat 5

Cars, drivers and teams from the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season will be part of a new paid DLC pack for the venerable NASCAR Heat 5.

As we reported back in August based on comments on the earnings call, it has now been confirmed that the Motorsport Games 2020 release, NASCAR Heat 5, will feature new content for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season.

After a tumultuous release of NASCAR 21: Ignition last year, many NASCAR console players returned to the older title. This was reflected on Steam, where NASCAR Heat 5 would see more daily active players than the newer NASCAR game 2021.

While a 2022 season update is free for NASCAR 21: Ignition players, followed by a second lviery-based season pass, the DLC for NASCAR Heat 5 will come at a price.

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Unfortunately, this price is currently unknown, as well as the release date and there are also no pictures available.

“Players will be able to access the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season cars, drivers and teams as purchasable DLC in Race Now and online multiplayer in NASCAR Heat 5,” the company said.

In addition to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox play, paid content is also on its way to NASCAR Heat Mobile – “the 2022 cars, drivers, and teams updated as selectable and purchasable content” – meaning the current season of the NASCAR Cup Series will be included in all of the current properties of Motorsport Games.

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