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Could Willow Springs Be Set For iRacing 2023 Season 3?

Featured image of Willow Springs International Motorsports Park taken with Gran Turismo 7 photo mode.

With less than four weeks, or just a month or so, until the new build for iRacing Season 3 arrives in 2023, hints of possible new content have already started leaking straight from iRacing to the web.

While we know the vehicle that nine out of 10 dentists are likely to approve of, the LMP3 is on its way in time for construction in June. Other than that, and the high probability that we’ll also get a dirt refresh in June are the only two things that have been remotely confirmed. No rain, no tracks and no other features are known so far.

On Monday (May 1st) iRacing gave us a proper teaser – a 21 second video of an overhead shot at an unnamed track with an unnamed car zooming in from the bottom to the top of the screen. Sandy, multicolored dirt surrounds the tarmac. I’m not even going to remotely explore the idea of ​​rain in a possible desert environment, it just looks like a cool dirt texture.

A screencap from this video teaser. You might also get a new car, who knows?!?

As much as I wish this could be the historic and now “lost” speedway called Riverside International Raceway, there’s 99.9 percent that’s not the case, largely due to the fact that iRacing couldn’t even scan it, because It has become a shopping center and residential area. Honestly it might not be any new content at all, it might just be a Laguna Seca remaster or possibly just a sound remaster… I hope it’s not, that would be slightly disappointing but I’m just putting that out there.

When it comes to new content, a lot of commenters on the web and iRacing forums seem to think it’s Willow Springs, and I think that’s probably the correct answer. iRacing scanned this track, and iRacing President Tony Gardner told us, all the way back in – *checking notes* – recently 2011.

“Willow Springs International Motorsports Park – Scanned, some production work done but on hold for the time being,” read the line in the list of tracks and their progress at that particular point in history. All the other tracks on this list exist on the platform today, although the New Jersey Motorsports Park is STILL a tech track with little art and mostly just scanning data points…

It’s been almost 12 years since this update was released, and yet Willow Springs hasn’t made an appearance in any form to this day. We’ve all been able to race around the track in recent Gran Turismo titles, so it’s not like it’s an unknown location. Is this scan data still usable today? Would iRacing have gone and rescanned it? If it’s Willow, do we get everything from Willow, including Big Willow, Streets of Willow, and Horse Thief Mile?

Another teaser was sent to us yesterday (May 3rd) which appears to consist of two images spliced ​​on top of each other.

OK, that’s it, I’m sure it’s Willow Springs too. We’re still about a month away from the new build and new content that comes with it, so we could play the waiting game.

However, I think that with these teases coming now, people have already started putting the pieces together and an official announcement could be imminent. we have to see

is it pasture Is it somewhere else, not in the United States, specifically in California? What do you think these teases might be trying to tell us? I need answers John iRacing!

The new build and content for iRacing 2023 Season 3 is expected in early June.

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