Demo for Super Woden GP 2 isometric racer now available

Solo indie developer ViJuDa’s 2021 sequel to Super Woden GP – Super Woden GP 2 – is available to play on Steam starting today (April 7) in the form of an arcade demo.

The demo for the arcade-style isometric racing game will be one of the first opportunities for players to try out some of the improvements and additions made over the original title.

The demo is only a small part of the game, but ViJuDa offers a contest where the top five times in the demo will get the full game when it’s released.

Its predecessor was released back in 2021, and in the Traxion.GG review, Simon gave it incredible praise, declaring that “Super Woden GP is a passionate love letter to what many believe to be a golden era of gaming” and put it in as well Wishlist score on the Traxion.GG scale.

Super Woden GP 2 menu

With that in mind, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the release of the sequel. The release date for the second iteration of Super Woden GP is not yet set in stone, it is expected to be released for Steam sometime in 2023.

Don’t forget that the original game can be played on Steam via PC, as well as on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

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