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Early access and bonus game for TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 Racing Fan Edition

A second version of the upcoming TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 game has been detailed – the Racing Fan Edition.

A digital-only version for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation (but not Switch), those who pre-order this edition will get 48-hour early access to the game. So instead of May 11th it’s May 9th.

Other perks include a Career Starter Pack – 380 Merit Points to spend on bike upgrades – and the 100th John McGuinness livery, which also comes with Standard Edition pre-orders.

Notably, the Racing Fan Edition will include the 2023 roster update when it releases later this year, confirming that this will be paid DLC and tentatively scheduled for October.

Those on PC get an added bonus, a copy of RiMS Racing, developer RaceWard’s previous game. The new Isle of Man title borrows an overhauled physics system from this 2021 motorcycle simulator.

The Racing Fan Edition is £49.99/$59.99 on Steam, £54.99/$59.99 on PlayStation 5 and £57.99/$59.99 on Xbox. Both console versions contain previous and current versions.

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