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Early Access for Disney Speedstorm begins April 18, but it’s not free

When Disney Speedstorm enters Early Access in April, those who want to play will need to become Founders and purchase a pack.

Originally announced for 2022, Disney Speedstorm will finally be available to the public next month. It’s not the full release, though, as it’ll be coming into Early Access on April 18th across the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The hero-based combat racing game, inspired by Disney and Pixar characters, went into closed beta last June. Based on the feedback they received at the time, Gameloft’s developers decided to “put in a little more time to deliver a polished competitive racing game” so it didn’t release in 2022 as planned.

Although the game will be fully free-to-play at a later, unannounced date, you must purchase one of the three tiers of the “Founder’s Pack” to participate in Early Access.


There are three tiers of Founder’s Packs to choose from, and each grants early access to the title on April 18th.

Standard is the cheapest, while Deluxe and Ultimate offer more perks for more price.

Standard costs €/$29.99, Deluxe €/$49.99 and Ultimate €/$69.99.

The items acquired in the Founder’s Pack tiers are still exclusive to Founder’s Pack owners when the game launches in full and for free.

Pre-orders started last week on March 16th on all platforms except Steam, but Steam users can now wishlist and receive exclusive Donald Duck cosmetics if purchased in the first week after launch.

It’s an interesting strategy, and we really don’t know how long the game will even stay in Early Access. So this may be the only way for everyone to play for quite a while.

SOURCE: Disney Speedstorm

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