Enjoy the Monaco GP in the Assetto Corsa

The classic of classics returns to Formula 1 after the failed attempt at Imola. The return of the circus to Europe means a reunion with the circuit that has set the tone for the entire F1 calendar. For those who don’t know, Monaco is the linchpin around which the entire F1 year revolves in terms of dates and the Monaco GP in turn is dictated by Ascension Day which in 2023 falls on Thursday 2023 May 18, fell. Previously Friday was not a race day due to this fact but this practice has fallen into disuse and with so many races it no longer even falls in the same week although it is always close together.

As always, before a GP we bring you some mods that will allow you to enjoy the corresponding track in Assetto Corsa. Formula 1 will initially visit the Principality until 2025, which seems a long time given the short and narrow circuit for current F1 cars. The track is an urban layout full of bumps and surrounded by walls along the way when going uphill and downhill. It’s the slowest and most complex overtaking track in the championship. The schedule for CEST Europe is as follows:

Friday May 26th

1:30 p.m.: Free practice 1
5:00 p.m.: Free practice 2

Saturday May 27th

12:30 p.m.: Free practice 3
4:00 p.m.: Qualifying

Sunday May 28th

3:00 p.m.: Race

Although it started with rain last year and there was a delay to avoid major incidents, the top spots were not decided until lap 17 with Ferrari’s disastrous pit stop that cost Leclerc victory at his home circuit. Let’s see if there are any surprises this year and how the drivers do. It could be a time slot for an afternoon nap.


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See you on the track!

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