Everything we know about the upcoming story mode in F1 23

Here’s the latest information we have on the highly anticipated Braking Point 2 story mode in F1 23. Despite the limited release of details so far, we’ve managed to glean important insights into the story mode and its framework.

In this article, we will look at the narration braking point 1 as a precursor to braking point 2, introduce the characters, discuss the improvements in the new game and explore the possible structure of the story. Get ready for an exciting journey into the realm of Braking Point 2.

braking point 1

braking point 1 made its debut in the 2021 edition of the F1 game and revolved around the protagonist, Aiden Jackson. The storyline traced Aiden’s odyssey over three seasons, beginning with the 2019 F2 season in which he aimed to win the championship as a driver. Aiden then moved into Formula One as a rookie, choosing his team and going up against teammate Casper Ackerman.

The narrative also introduced the main antagonist, Devin Butler, who provided suspense and rivalry throughout. Despite the hurdles, the story ended on a positive note: Aiden and Devin joined forces to secure the team fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship.

braking point 2

braking point 2 presents a variety of changes and exciting additions to the story mode. A significant change is the addition of a dedicated team called Connor Sport, officially recognized as Connor Sport within the Butler Global Racing Team.

Owned or sponsored by Devin Butler’s father, this team will be the 11th team to enter Formula One. The introduction of this new team brings a new perspective to the game, presenting a full team structure with liveries and a real racing car.

Braking Point 2 brings back familiar faces from the previous game, including Devin Butler and Aiden Jackson. Devin Butler, the antagonist, retains his brash and troublesome personality, while Braking Point 1 star Aiden Jackson appears to face new obstacles. Interestingly, Casper Ackerman is also making a comeback but taking on a different role, possibly as team or driver manager.

In addition, Braking Point 2 introduces a new character named Cali Maya, a female driver assigned car number 20 in Formula 2. The inclusion of a female protagonist is a notable addition and adds variety to the game.

It appears that Braking Point 2 will follow a three-season structure similar to Braking Point 1. The F2 season is expected to take place in 2021, followed by the inaugural Connor Sport racing team season in 2022.

Different locations such as Abu Dhabi, Australia, Imola, Baku and Miami offer glimpses of possible storyline with intense rivalries, accidents and character conflicts.

Stay tuned for updates and get ready for an exciting adventure in the upcoming game.

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