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ExoCross: New game by iRacing

iRacing acquired Orontes games in December 2021 with the intention of creating or rather improving an existing title, giving birth to ExoCross.

ExoCross is a futuristic off-road driving game that will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4/5And Xbox One and Series in Fall 2023. But as I mentioned at the beginning, ExoCross doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is the last and completed advancement of a game that we offered as Early Access on Steam some time ago called DRAG: Outer Zones.

In the news on the iRacing website, they tell us in which areas the title will be improved. “The renaming of DRAG: Outer Zones to ExoCross is the culmination of numerous gameplay and production improvements. Both Orontes Games and iRacing collaborated on the development of the title. With extended updates in all aspects, the teams at iRacing and Orontes tried to create a brand and backstory for the new futuristic sport that appears in the game.”

For players of DRAG: Outer Zones there are new game modes such as fast race and championship, in which we compete against the AI, as well as a completely new zone and an additional vehicle class. All of this content and features have been added to the existing title itself to create the complete game.

ExoCross will be available as an automatic update and as a replacement for DRAG: Outer Zones for all users who own the title on their Steam account. For future information on ExoCross, you can visit the iRacing website.

You can buy DRAG: Outer Zones (which will be replaced by ExoCross for free) for Steam HERE.

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