Experience NASCAR #56 at Le Mans in Assetto Corsa

Some of you may have noticed NASCAR’s special appearance at this year’s Le Mans race. Our representatives there reported that their V8 engine roared and brought back their fondest memories and that the team called Garage #56 successfully completed the 24 hour race without incident and matched some GT cars.

Tailored specifically for Le Mans, this modified NASCAR next-gen vehicle featured an impressive line-up with Jimmie Johnson, Jenson Button and Mike Rockenfeller at the wheel.

The atmosphere at the end of the Garage 56 project felt like the last day of school, full of excitement. Jimmie Johnson completed the final laps of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Sunday afternoon, marking the grand conclusion of the project. Handshakes, hugs, champagne toasts and a few tears marked the end of this multi-year developmental journey. It had been a week of celebrations and fine-tuning in the République, with two complete revolutions of the watch hands telling the story of their accomplishment.

The custom built Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the team behind it captivated the international motorsport community gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Le Mans. It was a moment to appreciate but also came with a tinge of sadness, knowing the task was finally done and wondering what the future would hold on the global stage.

“I wish I could go back and do it again. I don’t want it to end,” Johnson said as he climbed out of the dirt-covered #24 Chevrolet and made his way back to the Hendrick Motorsports paddock. “Although I’m sad it’s over because we had such an incredible time, I hope to come back and compete in this race. But that special moment with that group of people will never happen again. It’s just impossible, so I feel a sense of sadness.”

When the champagne bottles burst, a festive mood prevailed, bringing joy and relief to all present. Jeff Gordon, a motorsports ambassador and now an executive at Hendrick Motorsports, greeted NASCAR President and CEO Jim France and offered a toast before shaking hands. Johnson waved to the cheering fans who had gathered outside the Garage 56 booth and joined his co-drivers Jenson Button and Mike Rockenfeller in expressing their gratitude.

You can read much more about it on their official website by clicking here. The track is available here at RaceDepartment.

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