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F1 22 – Shanghai is available now!

Patch v1.10 means Shanghai Circuit is officially in the game. This adds a new track to this latest installment in the F1 22 franchise that includes VR as one of the most anticipated additions. Below are release notes.

Hey driver,

Patch 1.10 is now available for F1 22 on all platforms. Check out what’s included in this patch below:

  • The China/Shanghai International Circuit has been added to Time Trial, Grand Prix, and Multiplayer modes
  • Ferrari Special Edition liveries are now being added to the game for a limited time
  • Improved AI racecraft logic and revised aggression levels when attempting to overtake
  • Fixed an issue where the AI ​​was driving excessively slowly and locking up the track on qualifying cooldown laps
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent curb impact behavior at different frame rates on PC
  • Improved AI race car behavior between turns 2 and 3 in Netherlands/Zandvoort
  • Enhanced AI awareness and race car between turn 9 and the pit lane entrance in Austria
  • Previously fixed incorrect penalty logic when entering pit lane for France/Paul Ricard
  • Fixed an issue where players could receive incorrect penalties on Turn 7 of Abu Dhabi/Yas Marina
  • Flattened a false bump in the track surface at Turn 3 in Azerbaijan/Baku
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, host migration could result in split lobbies when loading into a cross-game social lobby
  • Fixed an issue where positions in practice and qualifying with more than three decimal places were incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed an issue where sponsors would not appear on the My Team car when viewing highlights in Theater mode
  • Fixed an issue in Photo mode where images could become pixelated when adjusting the shutter speed
  • Fixed an issue where there was a hole at the base of the Halo Pillar when turned off on the Mercedes and Player Car
  • Fixed Max Verstappen’s car number in Social Play, LAN and Featured Event sessions
  • Grand Prix – Fixed an issue where sprint races might not appear when selecting “Authentic” in the 2022 World Championship weekend structure
  • Fixed an issue where focus stats were too low for all drivers in MyTeam
  • Fixed an issue where the tachometers were not working on Logitech wheelbases
  • Fixed an issue where telemetry information was missing for race strategy and free practice sessions
  • Fixed an issue where some current F1 22 driver numbers could be selected for use with the created driver
  • Fixed an issue where “Custom Grid” in Social Play was not changing players’ starting positions
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the game would crash for the player who first tried to load into a created league event
  • Fixed graphics issue in menus when HDR is enabled
  • UDP – Fixed an issue where the slope value was not working properly on hills
  • Reworked second driver stat progress messages in My Team.
  • UDP – Fixed an issue where medium traction control was not output in online sessions
  • General stability improvements
  • Various minor fixes

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please visit Answers HQ where you can report them for a member of the team to take a look at. Be sure to check out our community-reported issues thread, where you can follow upcoming fixes and changes here.

See you on the track!

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