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F1 23 – Driver Ratings

The guys at EA Sports have created their F1 23 Drivers Ranking. They ranked the 20 F1 drivers on the 2023 grid based on their overall score, which takes into account various driving aspects. So each driver has his own “card” with skills and points, just like in FIFA or PES.

According to EA Sports, they used official data (from Bahrain to Miami 2023) and consulted F1 experts such as Anthony Davidson and Alex Jacques to separate driver skill from machine performance in each race. They have updated the algorithm to make it more representative of the F1 23 career mode, which will be updated as the races progress.

F1 23 comparison reviews


The dynamic ratings are divided into four categories as well as an overall rating. Here are the categories:

  • Experience (EXP): This is based on the number of races a driver has competed in over the course of their career.
  • Race Ability (RAC): It measures the rider’s ability to progress during a race and land higher than their starting position.
  • Awareness (AWA): This category rewards drivers who spend less time in the marshal. Real penalties affect the results in this category.
  • Pace (PAC): It benefits those who achieve qualifying and race times that are closest to the fastest. Drivers who outperform their teammates are also taken into account.
  • Qualifying (RTG): This is a combination of the four previous rankings. The overall standings change throughout the season based on performance.

Driver ratings are a crucial part of My Team, the driver-owner game mode that allows players to create their own Formula 1® legacy as part of their favorite real-world team or as the 11th pair on the grid . Players can experience several new features in F1® 23’s My Team mode, including the highly anticipated Las Vegas Strip Circuit™ and the Losail International Circuit. They’ve also increased race distance and community-requested red flags by 35%, adding more excitement and strategy to the game. In addition, the improved handling and Precision Drive™ control technology ensure improved control and safety.

F1 rating list

f1 list

As expected, at the top of the list is Max Verstappen, the EA Sports driver and World Champion. Close behind him is “Nano” Fernando Alonso. The remaining riders are ranked accordingly, leaving plenty of room for discussion and debate about the quality and performance of each rider. In fact, the drivers themselves gave their opinion on their own results, which you can enjoy in the video below.

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