F1 Manager 2023 Deluxe Edition’s wild exclusive scenarios include same cars and driver subs | traction

During the recent F1 Manager 2023 official live stream, the game’s highly anticipated Race Replay mode was unveiled, highlighting starting grid and race moment scenarios.

As mentioned, F1 Manager 2023 would feature these new modes from launch, with 12 “exclusive scenarios” available for players who purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game prior to release.

Exclusive Scenarios play out similarly to the Race Replay Starting Grid and Race Moment scenarios, but with an added twist.

For example, one of the exclusive scenarios hinted at during the live stream involves the equal performance of all cars on the grid. This should bring more focus to driver stats and race strategy, eliminating the biggest speed differential in Formula 1 in one fell swoop.

Another tip from F1 Manager 2023 Community Manager Steve James concerns the replacement of Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz with the team’s reserve driver (and recent Le Mans 24 Hours winner), Antonio Giovinazzi. Her aim is to put the Italian on the podium with a one-off appearance at his home race in Monza.

Other scenarios include the addition of rain to the Bahrain Grand Prix (which is surrounded by an extremely dry desert) and the prospect of mixed grids, which would result in a little more chaos to the flow than we are used to from the previous Grand Prix F1 manager game.

The exclusive scenarios can be accessed from the main game menu and are completely independent of the race replay mode. They are only available to players who have purchased the F1 Manager 2023 Deluxe Edition.

Do you think the exclusive scenarios will spice up the action in F1 Manager 2023? What other offbeat scenarios would you add? Let us know below in the comments.

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