F1 Mobile Racing 2023 update now live

Co-developed by Eden Games, Codemasters and Electronic Arts, the free driving game is available for Apple (iOS) and Android devices.

It features online racing in “duels”, a single player career (once you reach League 7 and above), daily and weekly challenges, and car design customization options.

As you play through the game, you’ll unlock and collect parts, which you can in turn attach to your vehicle to improve performance. Now there is a new game update with the current real world season and several quality of life changes.

The research and development system has been overhauled, including the ability to craft and recycle unused parts – if F1 World in F1 23 reminded us of a mobile game, at least on paper, the two titles now seem even more closely aligned.

Core mechanics include receiving boxes, which may contain new parts, and building a stack of items to help you customize your car. Season 2023 Drivers and Bosses can also be added to the setup to improve performance – thus contributing to elements such as braking, overtaking and adaptability.

F1 Mobile Racing 2023 update, Monaco

There was also a graphical improvement for those with newer and more powerful mobile devices, especially in the lighting at tunnel exits or at night racing venues.

F1 Mobile Racing 2023 updates gameplay

Last but not least, there is now a showroom and an overhauled menu design. There is no information yet about Qatar and the new Las Vegas tracks that will be added to the title.

The 2023 Season Update is available now, June 15th, for all supported devices. There will also be a limited-time in-game challenge starring none other than Braking Point 2 star Devon Butler.

F1 Mobile Racing Devon Butler Challenge

Fresh from his latest story appearance, you’ll go head-to-head against the somewhat divisive racer, and they’ll even address you head-on. If you successfully complete the event, which ends on June 24th, you can use Butler’s crash helmet in the game.

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