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Fast-paced Retro Racer Classic Sport Driving Set for a June release

Classic Sport Driving, the highly anticipated arcade racing game, is finally nearing the final stages of development. The full release on Steam is scheduled for June 12th.

When we first tried the Classic Sport Driving (CSD) demo in October 2021, the game was scheduled to be released a few months later. But after a long delay, the game is finally nearing completion and promises silky smooth retro graphics, intuitive handling and seasonal challenges.

CSD will have two game modes; Arcade and Pro. Arcade is your classic ode to yesteryear’s slot games; It’s an action-packed, full-ground contact race where the emphasis is on maintaining momentum through corners while dodging opponents.

Pro mode is a bit more cerebral, requiring players to pinpoint their braking points and master the layout of each racetrack to reach the next checkpoint.

This brings us to CSD’s most unique feature; a track generator. By entering your track name, a customized stage will be created with random environment values ​​and length. Players can share this with their friends and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard (each vanilla and generated track will have its own leaderboard).

Sylvain Debaudringhien, studio head of Pixel Wrappers, is a former amateur motorcycle racer and his love for 90’s racing games like Jaguar XJ220 was the catalyst for his CSD development journey.

“Classic Sport Driving began as a love letter to the Amiga. I loved a lot of racing games on this machine (Lotus Turbo Challenge in particular) and wanted to try my hand at game development, so the choice was obvious,” said Debaudringhien.

Footage courtesy of Pixel Wrappers

“There’s something beautiful about this retro, hand-drawn aesthetic, and I wanted to see how it could translate to modern hardware with huge character spacing and a lot more pixels. I feel lucky that I was able to build a team around the idea and we were able to make it happen,” he continued.

From now through Sunday, May 21st, Classic Sport Driving players will have a try-out demo available, allowing players to try out the inaugural races of the game’s campaign mode.

Are you looking forward to Classic Sport Driving? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Pixel Wrappers

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