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FIA and iRacing forge partnership; Formula iR-04 becomes FIA F4

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (better known as the FIA) and iRacing announced on Tuesday (May 30) that the two companies will enter into a partnership starting with the third iRacing season 2023.

The iRacing Formula iR-04 will now be called the FIA ​​F4, as it will be relaunched as such in June. The car was launched already in the second iRacing season 2022, so more than a year ago. iRacing made it very clear at launch that it wasn’t an F4 car, but now it seems that with this deal it can be called one.

FIA ​​Formula 4 has been around for almost a decade now and is one of the first steps aspiring open-wheeled single-seater drivers have taken to climb the proverbial racing ladder. Now the program has an official virtual license for the soon to be renamed car.

“In addition to iRacing’s new FIA F4 Challenge, iRacing and the FIA ​​are discussing other esports plans for the future,” said Tony Gardner, President of iRacing. This means there will be an official series, likely to replace the current iR-04 series, and potential for future iRacing/FIA esports races.

The Formula iR-04 was used for the Skip Barber Racing School esports competition.

The FIA ​​​​is mind you the governing body of many real world racing championships, most notably Formula 1. With the two Mercedes-AMG F1 cars, a McLaren and a Williams, there are quite a few Formula 1 cars already in action. With the Dallara iR-01 there is also another fantasy single seater.

Could this F4 partnership lead to other FIA related partnerships in iRacing’s future? Will the FIA ​​get involved with the return of the Dallara iR-01 World Championship? Probably not, but this definitely has the potential to add even more to this F4 announcement. The third iRacing season 2023 is expected to appear on June 6, 2023.

SOURCE: iRacing

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