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Formula E Accelerate: Csincsik beats Rasmussen to win Berlin Major

While Formula E Accelerate has yet to return to a full eSports season, it returned for the third year in a row with something more in line with what fans had been asking for.

Two ‘majors’ were to be held ahead of the Grand Final – which was again due to be held at a live event during the 2023 London E-Prix. In layman’s terms, this simply meant two laps, out of which eleven riders would advance to said final.

Fresh off the digital press, drivers would be seated in the all-new Gen3 car to coincide with its real-world sister series.

Whoever comes to terms with it the quickest will be richly rewarded; the prize pool increases from €35,000 to €40,000. The Berlin Tempelhof Circuit was waiting for round 1.


The qualifying format once again reflected Formula E itself, providing viewers with a dynamic show. Two groups set times before the phase of duels finally ended with the pole sitter.

On a day like this, anyone would have put their money on two-time champion Frederick Rasmussen, who would have taken first place, although we were all in for a surprise.

The Dane showed a good performance, but in the end lost in the last duel of the qualification against Marcell Csincsik.

No one in the front row would be too comfortable; Just behind sat Jernej Simončič and Kevin Siggy. James Baldwin completed the top 5 of only 21 vehicles for the evening – unfortunately Erhan Jajovski had to retire due to a personal emergency.


Starts mean so much in Formula E cars, even without the tight and twisty tracks they race on. Csincsik and Rasmussen could not have asked for a better opening sector. The pair sped away as behind them, without much progress, the pack of chasers sliced ​​and rolled.

With the exception of a few incidents that led to the retirement of Martin Murguly and Peyo Peev, the next twelve laps were extremely uneventful. The entire field would hardly ineffectually consume their first use of Attack Mode, with the lone exception of Baldwin, who was able to move Siggy up to fourth place.

The biggest excitement came in midfield when a poorly qualified Bono Huis tried to pick up points from a bad situation. At this point, the 2017 Vegas eRace winner was in an unfortunate position of thirteen; a position he capitalized on with a masterful overtake on Isaac Gillissen at Turn 9.

Formula E Accelerate 2023 Berlin Major race start

Huis wasn’t finished yet. Just half a lap later Gianmarco Fiduci was in danger and had to retire after an easy exit from 6 at Turn 7. Then, halfway through, there were a few more overtakes – this time to Jake Denehen and then Risto Kappet through Turn 6 itself.

In the course of five laps in Berlin Tempelhof, the “Flying Dutchman” fought his way into a position with a high number of points.

Eyebrows were raised briefly on round 25 when Csincsik dove into his second attack mode. The maneuver almost cost him the lead as Rasmussen had been running alongside the Hungarian before retiring at Turn 7. That was perfect for Marcell, who now held Rasmussen for a couple of corners before shooting wide. The Dane responded next time by activating Attack Mode himself.

Formula E Accelerate Berlin 2023 Marcell Csincsik vs Frede Rasmussen

On the home stretch, Manuel Biancolilla was the rider making moves. A beautifully judged send by Graham Carroll at Turn 1 was rewarded by securing seventh place. Marko Pejic and Baldwin might have seemed out of sight but the determined Spaniard had clearly managed his battery well.

With just two laps to go, he was right under the German’s gearbox. On the final lap, with all eyes on the ever-shrinking gap between the leaders, Pejic’s defense gave way and Biancolilla took sixth place. He had run out of time to catch Baldwin and Rasmussen had left it too late in the day to challenge Csincsik.

Formula E Accelerate Berlin 2023 Manuel Biancolilla

It was a remarkably controlled ride from the Hungarian who turned out to be a surprise package for 2023. With the full 25 points in his pocket, his place in London was secured. Rasmussen and Simončič completed the podium of a rather unremarkable race – especially after the frankly absurd Berlin E-Prix just a few hours later.

It will be a very long time before the second major takes place in the streets of Rome. While we as spectators show great patience, the riders now have valuable months to become familiar with their machines. The pecking order at the Berlin Major could well be different next July.

Formula E Accelerate 2023, Berlin Important race results

  1. Marcell Chinchik
  2. Friedrich Rasmussen
  3. Jernej Simoncic
  4. Kevin Siggy
  5. James Baldwin
  6. Manuel Biancolilla
  7. Marko Pejic
  8. Bono house
  9. Graham Caroll
  10. Risto coated

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