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Formula RaceRoom X-22 already available in RaceRoom

Formula RaceRoom X-22 is finally coming RaceRoom and it is available in their store for 4.98 euros. This car brings the Formula 1 season closer to in-game availability.

The Formula RaceRoom X-22 is available now.

The new benchmark in open-wheel racing has arrived in RaceRoom!

The V6 Turbo Hybrid engine delivers over 1000hp and the sleek aerodynamic design that defines the car’s beautiful silhouette has been specifically engineered to enable close racing.

The car features adjustable engine maps and MGU-K modes, as well as 3 different tire compounds and halo vision options, so nothing stands in the way of your next win on the track.

  • 1.6 liter V6 T hybrid engine
  • turbocharger
  • 8 speed paddle shift transmission
  • 769 kg weight
  • 1050 hp
  • No ABS, no traction control, no launch control


Halo visibility option

In real life, 3D depth perception helps to see behind the halo, but in the simulation we added an option to make the halo transparent.

tire compounds

The choice of tires is free in every session. Softs offer the best grip, but wear out the quickest.

  • Soft load ~ 20 min
  • Medium term ~ 40 min
  • Hard last ~ 80 min

engine cards

Engine maps can be changed while driving after binding the keys for it.
A higher engine map delivers more power from the internal combustion engine, but increases fuel consumption. This can be used strategically during longer races with pit stops.

Hybrid system

In addition to the internal combustion engine, the car has an electric motor (MGU – Motor Generator Unit) that can be used to provide additional power and runs on a battery that charges while driving.

Battery status is shown as a blue bar on the steering wheel and in-game HUD
The car’s tail light flashes red when it is harvesting energy.

MGU-K modes

Various MGU-K modes can be used to determine the charge and delivery rate of the electric motor.
You can bind keys to your steering wheel to change MGU-K mode while driving.
The in-game HUD will show which MGU-K mode is activated.
On the vehicle setup page, you will see 5 MGU-K modes that can be customized.
Because the MGU-K gains energy from the rear axle when decelerating, the amount of regeneration also affects off-throttle balance.

Each mode has a regeneration rate and a discharge rate that define how quickly energy is charged and how much of it is provided per mode. The default values ​​should work out of the box in most cases. adobe premiere 2020 full crack
There is also an “Auto” mode that automatically changes the MGU-K mode depending on the battery state of charge (lower power output at lower state of charge).

overtake button

Use the “Push to Pass” key combination to use the overtaking function while driving.
The overtake button puts the MGU-K in its highest mode with one touch and is used to temporarily get the maximum performance out of the car (e.g. when trying to overtake or defend a position).

The battery drains very quickly when this mode is activated.
While overtake mode is activated, all MGU safety systems are also overridden, resulting in even more performance compared to the highest MGU-K mode.
Overtake mode remains active until the button is pressed again, after which the car switches back to the previously activated MGU-K mode.


The Drag Reduction System is activated in a race when a driver crosses the start/finish line less than 1 second behind the driver in front and can be activated 3 times per lap wherever the driver chooses. The angle of the rear wing changes, allowing the car to create less drag and therefore be able to reach higher top speeds.
Unlimited DRS activations are available in practice sessions.


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