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Gomez Sim Industries offers Scarlett Red editions of Hyper P1 and GT MAX32 wheels

Scarlett is the new color on the block for Gomez Sim Industries, the latest variant of the Hyper P1 and GT MAX32 rims.

Another color option for Gomez Sim Industries’ premium sim peripherals was featured in the company’s social posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Thursday. Scarlett, a bright and vibrant red variant, is the new color and is available for Hyper P1 and GT MAX32 rims.

Differing from the previously used “Crimson” red on their Formula Pro Elite and GXL Pro rims, the “Scarlett” color adds the bright red trim in all the right places on both wheels. It’s the latest color choice, joining the Prime Multicolor option as an option on both rims.

Once upon a time there were two very special wheels, the “Hyper P1” and the “GT MAX32”, whose fame was only surpassed by their demand in gorgeous red. And like any savvy business, we scratched our chins and said, “Why don’t we give people what they want?” Say hello to the “Scarletts”

— GSI (@gomezsimracing) March 23, 2023

Based out of Texas in the United States, GSI offers some of the latest high-end sim racing gear. Their price tag isn’t cheap, with the two wheels starting at $1,385.00 for the GT MAX 32 and $1,650.00 for the Hyper P1 with the new color choices.

While red…I mean, Scarlett is a beautiful color and really pops, I’d be really in love with a pink Traxion.GG variant. GSI offers a custom build option to set your own perfect color scheme, which is pretty sweet.

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