Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge, April 13-27: Exceptional Highlights

This week’s Gran Turismo 7 lap time challenge is a bit of a strange affair. Not only does it take place at the somewhat seedy Autopolis International Raceway – famed for once having an eccentric Picasso owner – but we were also loaded up with a minivan to drive. Exciting things.

The Toyota MPV of the past challenge is no more, it’s time for a return to sports cars for the latest Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge.

The Radical SR3 is a lightweight mini prototype race car with number plates – the ‘SL’ means this car is actually road legal.

The Ford-derived turbocharged engine behind your head makes weird rattling and sucking noises, but it also means gear selection is harder than you might expect.

Due to the slow shifts and solid midrange grunt, downshifting less often than you expect when entering the corner can be quicker. They then use the engine’s torque to minimize the number of shifts on the next straight, sometimes even upshifting well before the red line.

Gran Turismo 7 Dragon Trail Gardens Radical SR3Either avoid these curbs or cross them

The venue is Dragon Trail’s Gardens spin-off. That doesn’t mean a death chicane, yikes, but also a tricky left-hander with four spikes (or is it three or two? Hard to tell…) at the end of the lap and two frustrating curbs at the beginning. Either avoid them altogether or straddle them with a wheel on either side.

Unlike some previous challenges, there is no tuning for this time trial. So either use a Radical you already own or just borrow one from the Lap Time Challenge menu and select your desired color.

Radical Sr3 Gran Turismo 7-curb hoppingDon’t do that – looks cool, isn’t fast

GT7 Lap Time Challenge is a time trial mode where you compete against other players to set the fastest time on the leaderboard. There is one caveat, though: if you complete a lap within three percent of the fastest time, you’ll get 2,000,000 credits.

If you’re not fast enough, lapping within five percent will award you with 1,000,000 credits, while a time within 10 percent of the fastest time results in a payout of 250,000 credits.

Radical SR3 Gran Turismo 7 lap time challenge

At the time of publication, Gran Turismo World Series competitor Jose Serrano holds the world top spot with a 1:38.112. Can you get close enough to earn a cool 2,000,000 credits?

Recommended Car: Radical SR3 SL ’13 (Brand Central, 126,500 credits or free car rental)

Lap time challenge

race information

Route: Dragon Path – Gardens

Registration period: April 13 – 27, 2023


Applicable tires: Racing Hard

Wide Body: Prohibited

Nitrous oxide: Prohibited

Regulations (specified car)

Radical SR3 SL ’13

Car Restrictions

BoP/Tuning prohibited: Medium speed

Car used: garage car, event specific car

Vehicle Settings: Specified

race settings

Track Limit: Normal

penalty settings

Shortcut Penalty: Light

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