Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge, June 23 – July 6: Emergence of Luxury

We’re heading to Kent in the south of England this week to take part in the new Gran Turismo 7 Lap Challenge, and this time we’re taking a break from racing custom built race cars by settling into a luxury limousine.

Oh yeah, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a smooth drive through the verdant surroundings of the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit, but you’ll need all your racing instincts to get the most out of the beefy Genesis G70 3.3T AWD.

The Genesis, available in Prestige Package form, is a sporty four-wheel drive sedan that competes with models like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class – and practically shares its base with the Kia Stinger.

While the Genesis is a credible competitor to the German giants, it manages to undercut them quite a bit (and it comes with a whopping 10-year warranty to boot).

The Prestige package has a Brembo braking system and this has to work at ten tenths to provide enough confidence in Brands Hatch’s bank and dives.

Brands Hatch GP Circuit Guide

Turn 1 – Paddock Hill Bend – is a perfect example of this, with a big stop on a blind right-hander where the road slides downhill.

Turn in early, apply the brakes to the apex, apply power sooner than you think and use compression damping to maximize momentum.

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Brands Hatch GP, Genesis G70

Driver skill makes the difference on the Grand Prix lap, with three consecutive high-speed right-handers presenting slightly different challenges. Hawthorn Bend is the fastest of the three, with a late apex allowing for the optimal run-up at Westfield Bend.

The road drops off at the exit, with a large flat curb outside, leading into the blind Dingle Dell to save the overly ambitious. You can take liberties with the inner curb here, but drifting too far will almost certainly lead to disaster as the grass leaves no room for error.

The Genesis is an unorthodox beast to fling about on a former Grand Prix site – especially when fitted with medium compound sport tires – but its overall traction gives it sure-footedness to deal with severe body roll and compensate for the sluggish handling.

Lap time challenge explained

Fastest lap at the time of publication was set by Jeddah_Racing with a time of 1:39.204 – try to replicate the car’s centimeter placement with the video below.

GT7’s Lap Time Challenge is a time trial mode where you compete against other players to set the fastest time on the leaderboard. However, there is a caveat: completing a lap within three percent of the fastest time awards the player 2,000,000 credits.

If you’re not fast enough, a lap time within five percent will award you 1,000,000 credits, while a time within 10 percent of the fastest time will result in a payout of 250,000 credits.

Recommended Car: Genesis G70 3.3T AWD Prestige Package ’22 (Brand Central 56,500 credits or free rental)

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Brands Hatch GP, Genesis G70

Lap time challenge

race information

Track: Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit

Registration period: June 23rd to July 6th


Tires that can be used: Sport: Medium

Wide Body: Forbidden

Nitrous oxide: Prohibited

Regulations (specified vehicle)

Genesis G70 3.3T AWD Prestige Pack ’22

car restrictions

Bop/Tuning Prohibited: Low Speed ​​(L)

Car used: garage car, event specific car

Vehicle Settings: Specified

race settings

Track Limit: Normal

penalty settings

Shortcut Penalty: Light

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Brands Hatch GP, Genesis G70

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