GRID Legends is coming to PlayStation Plus in May

There are times when GRID Legends is a bombastic rush of adrenaline that grinds the records, and there are times when it feels like a warmed-up snack.

The repurposed content and vehicle handling may feel a little dated to those who’ve played the previous GRID games, but if you haven’t then here’s a fun, accessible racing game that’s best played with a DualSense controller is served.

There’s a story to play as Seneca Racing takes on the evil power of Ravenwest, plus a lengthy single player career with auto upgrades and cross-platform online multiplayer to dive into upon completion.

There’s also a cool selection of licensed real-world racing cars, think the Renault Laguna touring car and the Lotus GT1, a race developer that lets you add ramps to a street circuit in the snow at night. Just try not to take it seriously, okay?

GRID Legends can be downloaded from Tuesday 2nd May to Tuesday 6th June 2023 by those who have even subscribed to the entry-level PlayStation Plus subscription tier – required for online gameplay – on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 .

Chivalry 2 and downhill mountain bike racers Descenders will also be part of the line-up. GRID Legends is already part of the separate EA Play subscription on PlayStation, which in turn is included in the top tiers of the Xbox Game Pass service.

Source: PlayStation

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