GSI’s newest entry-level bike is the X-29, with pre-orders starting May 1st

Gomez Sim Industries announced its latest entry-level sim racing wheel, the X-29. Earlier this month, the company recently revealed when virtual racers will be able to get their hands on the new rim.

While a price of $650 may still seem high, it will be GSI’s most affordable wheel on the market to date, coming in just under the existing GXL Pro, which costs $875.

It has a Formula-style grip and knob pattern and still comes with many of the usual GSI options and features for an “entry-level” option.

This thing comes with 10 LED-lit push buttons, a pair of multiswitches, a trio of rotary encoders, and on the back of the base model, a pair of hand shifters. For a larger price, these paddles can be doubled up to include both a pair of shifters and a dual clutch system.

GSI X-29 rear

It is said to work with most wheelbases on PC with the correct (optional) hub adapters including Simucube, Simagic, VRS DirectForce Pro, Accuforce (via Accuforce QR) and the Fanatec DD bases with one of their Podium hubs.

Pre-orders for the X-29 steering wheel begin May 1, 2023 on the GSI website.

SOURCE: Gomez Sim Industries

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