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GTR Revival is intended to be a spiritual sim racing successor to GTR 2

A new racing simulation platform arrives from Ian Bell and some former creators of the ’00s GTR titles.

In a turn-up for the books, former Slightly Mad Studios boss Ian Bell took to Twitter to announce a brand new sim racing title – GTR Revival.

“Decided to make the sequel to GTR 2 with the original team,” the former Project CARS franchise creator posted.

“Myself, Stephen Viljoen, Andy Garton, Stephen Baysted, Henrik Roos, Johan Roos, Vik Klomiets, all the important ones who made GTR 2 what it was.”

Ian Bell rFactor 2 GTR Revival, halfway angry games

In some context, the original GTR was an official game of the then FIA GT Championship and was released in 2004 as a sim-oriented title for PC created by SimBin.

Then a collaboration between SimBin and Bell’s Blimey Games! where they released a classic car spin-off titled GT Legends in 2005 and an acclaimed sequel, GTR 2, in 2006.

However, the team then split and Ian Bell formed a team in 20015 to crowdfund the first Project CARS under the studio name Slightly Mad Studios

Why GTR 2 and GT Legends are still viable sim racing options today

The other part of the GTR team, still called SimBin, developed Race – the official WTCC game in 2006, followed by Race 07 before finally becoming Sector3 Studios to develop RaceRoom Racing Experience – now owned by suspension company KW and titled KW Studios.

To make things even more confusing, a studio called SimBim UK was formed in 2017 and released work-in-progress images of a new racing game: GTR 3. However, this has yet to materialize and last year it was all social media and Community aspects closed.

It appears to be part of the original Blimey games! The team has now taken matters into their own hands and announced GTR Revival.

Project CARS 4 could be CARS 2 project

This follows a 2019 purchase of SMS by Codemasters, which in turn was purchased by Electronic Arts in February 2021 for $1.2 billion.

After a handover period, Ian Bell then left the company in October stating that Project CARS 4 still exists and could be “amazing”.

With Bell’s non-competition clause with EA now seemingly fulfilled, a portion of the original GTR2 team is collaborating again on Bell’s new Mildly Annoyed Games to create GTR Revival with “zero publisher input”.

“Hardcore, balls against the wall, no compromises,” Bell said.

In March of this year, he tweeted: “Imagine RF2 physics optimized in an Unreal 5 world… I do. Dreams can come true.”

Regarding rFactor 2’s tire model and Unreal Engine’s visual capabilities. We really hope that’s the goal of GTR Revival. No in-game images or release date have been announced, but we assume this is in the early stages, especially judging by the Adobe Stock nature of the logo reveal.

Another sim racing platform? Count us among them.

Source: Ian Bell

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