Here’s what fixes are coming soon for F1 23

In line with the now annual schedule, James Bralant (Social and Creator Manager at Electronic Arts/Codemasters) has shared community-raised issues surrounding this year’s EA SPORTS Formula 1 video game.

This time around, the list for F1 23 seems smaller and a lot more reasonable than F1 22 – a step up.

It is shared through EA’s support pages and is divided into four main sections: Investigating (issue reported, on checklist), Awaiting Patch (fix made, awaiting deployment), Resolved (fixed and released), and Closed (cannot be reproduced by development). team/no longer an issue).

The full list is below, but what stands out for us is the current lack of TrueForce support for users with Logitech wheels, such as B. the G923 and the G Pro. This is a proprietary set of parameters with an API for developers aiming to provide more detailed force feedback.

The list includes a core list of fixes expected in the next patch, including the ability to display sponsor logos on racing helmets and suits in My Team, a co-op career with more realistic vehicle performance instead of equivalent vehicle performance, and the correct aiming positions after a red flag.

There are also frame rate optimizations in night races and creating a second save in the Formula 2 career should no longer cause a crash.

What else would you like to see updated in F1 23? Let us know in the comments below and on the EA forums.


  • Logitech TrueForce is not available on Xbox
  • Various force feedback issues on multiple platforms
  • The EA friends list will appear empty for those with a large number of friends

Waiting for patch

  • Safety car and formation lap disabled at 25% race distance
  • Braking point gets stuck at Chapter 7 (when on-screen display is disabled)
  • It is not possible to invite friends to race via system menus (Xbox and PlayStation).
  • Car ghosting issues when “Collisions disabled for first lap only” is enabled
  • The frame rate drops during night races
  • Creating a second career save with F2 causes the game to crash
  • After a red flag, the target positions may be incorrect
  • The two-player career uses the same power instead of the realistic power
  • When exiting the 11th garage in Monaco, the car hits the wall
  • Logitech TrueForce is not available (PlayStation and PC)
  • Switching between performance and quality mode causes framerate issues (Xbox)
  • Sponsor decals do not appear on racing suits and helmets in My Team
  • The virtual rearview mirror stays on the screen when looking back
  • The F1 world objective expires while a bonus objective is active

Source: EA

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