How Asetek Accessories Are Revolutionizing Sim Racing

Being between two Asetek analyzes and having to visit the company’s pages has given me the opportunity to see the number of accessories they are releasing in their early days in the SimRacing market. Many companies know that strength does not lie in the main hardware, but in everything that surrounds them, and they do everything to have a complete ecosystem where every need is covered.

Remember the famous Apple wheels (850 euros on the official website) and other excesses of large corporations with accessories. At the moment this does not seem to be the case with Asetek, since a number of elements have to be integrated into the main pieces.

Invicta Sim Racing Boots

Pure simRacing boots that compete directly with, for example, Sparco or others in our racing shoe post.

Invictaâ„¢ Sim Racing Boots feature a thin rubber sole that offers the perfect and stable grip you need to perform at your best. Featuring classic Asetek SimSportsâ„¢ design cues, the soft and stylish boots are engineered with total immersion and comfort in mind. The front is perforated to ensure maximum breathability and the tongue is padded for comfort, making your simulation racing experience effortless. The boots are equipped with a self-locking strap and laces that offer easy adjustment and a perfect fit.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Invicta Long Travel Kit

Increases the pedal braking distance of the original Asetek Invicta by 10mm to make it more comfortable in other motor disciplines such as rallies or road vehicle simulation.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Buy Huayra R pedals

Asetek has partnered with Pagani to develop products for SimRacing. Asetek Pagani Huayra R are their most elite pedals based on the Asetek Invicta model.

Asetek SimSports and Pagani Automobili. High-end racing simulation products and exclusive hypercars. In our opinion: ideal partners.

We’ve teamed up to offer bespoke, officially licensed Pagani sim racing products based on the Pagani Huayra R. The reason? Shared values ​​and a genuine love for design, detail and performance.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Elastomer Kit

The best-selling accessory to date. A set of elastomers to completely modify and customize Asetek pedals.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Magnetic shifters

Additional magnetic shifters that are not the analogues of the clutch. This would allow us to have all the shifters we need with more knobs than a space destroyer.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Invicta accelerator spring

If the speed bar of the Asetek Invicta is too soft, you can purchase this spring, which gives the speed bar strength.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Invicta cleats

Asetek Invicta plates or keys for Asetek Forte.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Forte pedal plates

Asetek Forte plates or keys for Asetek Invicta.

They can be purchased by clicking here.

Invicta M and L accelerator support

Rest for the accelerator, in two sizes.

ace of the cap

Cap with embroidered logos and company slogan and 100% cotton.

It can be bought here!

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