How Ford and Next Level Racing are driving sim racing

The cockpit hardware manufacturer Next Level Racing has teamed up with the car manufacturer Ford – together they want to expand sim racing and racing esports.

Joining us in this episode are representatives from sim racing gear maker Next Level Racing and world-renowned automaker Ford.

The two companies are collaborating on a range of virtual racing cockpits and seats for Ford GT and Team Fordzilla – but beyond that, they’re trying to expand audiences for our beloved past.

Team Fordzilla P1 conceptTeam Fordzilla P1 sim racing concept

Both were present at Gamescom, a German trade show that covers the general gaming industry and usually has less racing game exposure. But not this year, with a big push for the genre.

Not only did we chat about new products, but also the why, where and how of sim racing and what the future might hold.

So you’ll hear first from Kam Khadem, Head of Brand and Strategic Growth at Next Level Racing, followed by Emmanuel Lubrani, Senior Manager of Brand Communications and Content Development at Ford of Europe.

Next Level Racing GTElite Ford GT Cockpit and ES1 Ford GT SeatNext Level Racing GTElite Ford GT Cockpit and ES1 Ford GT Seat

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