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How to complete the Find and Enjoy Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5

Now, in week three of the Explore the Horizon series in Forza Horizon 5, these Pathfinder challenges seem to come more and more naturally in our weekly guide. This week’s challenge is “Seek and Enjoy” and players will once again face the new challenge of finding the treasure at the end of the path.

This week’s Winter Season Car Rewards are the 1972 Chevy K10 for 20 PTS and the Hot Wheels Rip Rod for 40 points.

Treasure Hunt: Search and enjoy

Just like the first two weeks, the Treasure Hunt titled Find and Enjoy requires us to look at the Pathfinder Awards on the Evolving World Awards page for the first clue.

The first award for this week is called “Cordillera Trail” and the description reads, “If you take the south exit off the freeway you can uncover the beginning of this trail, build some speed and get some air…”

Go to the major freeway in the center of the map, just above the section that says CORDILLERA in capital letters. As you turn south off the freeway, you’ll be greeted by the green balloons. There is a PR stunt in a danger sign that you must skip.

Pro tip: do it at night, then the balloons will have red and green lights underneath them. Another pro tip: when you pin the award, a line will automatically appear at the start of the trail. So keep that in mind.

Once you find the beginning of the trail, just follow the red and green inflated balloons that cover that trail. You have a generous 10 minutes to complete the Pathfinder Challenge. Completing the Cordillera Trail award will earn you a wheelspin and another award called “Playa Tranquila Trail”.

For the Playa Tranquila Trail award, the description states: “If you follow the trail north of Playa Tranquila, you will come across this trail. Its route takes you to the Copper Canyon River…”

This is somewhat confusing reading. My first instinct was to head to Playa Tranquila and make my way to Copper Canyon. As it turns out, there is a dirt trail that leads to the river that comes out of Copper Canyon and leads to Playa Tranquila. As always, once you find the right spot, you’ll be greeted by the green balloons.

Follow the pink balloons to the end in Playa Tranquila, where the green balloons rest and yet another Pathfinder award is completed. Just one more, and this one is called “Ek’ Balam Trail”.

“Navigate the stunning Ek’ Balam and head southeast and you will see where this path begins…” Again, it does not begin in Ek’ Balam, but southeast of Ek’ Balam. You’ll see the two green balloons on a dirt road across from the ruins. Follow the pink balloons in and out of the ruins to the southwest.

You’ll reach the three green end balloons on a house and like the good old days, a big orange circle will appear on your map to indicate the chest is that close.

It’s not far from that. The chest is hidden behind two huts that stand corner to corner by the water. Just hit the chest and the 250,000 CR and 3 PTS are yours.

Collectible Challenge: Auto Madillos

There is also a Collector’s Challenge this week where you have to smash 10 Armadillo figures near the Baja Circuit.

Just off the track, northeast of the Horizon Baja outpost, in the dirt and scrub of this area you’ll find these little armadillo cutouts, ten of which you need to smash to get the reward.

When all 10 are smashed, the reward is a “Legendary” clothing option in the form of the Farid Rueda Lion Race Gloves, which can be equipped in the Character Customization section.

Photo challenge: #STREETDOG

This week’s photo challenge is #STREETDOG and requires finding camera gear and some dogs to take pictures of in the southeast of Lago Blanco.

On the map it is also behind the Horizon Baja outpost, you can barely see the word LAGO BLANCO on the light sandy area of ​​the map.

Just head over to the device, open the camera app with the D-Pad and tap A to take the picture and get the rewards.

Upon completion, the Predator Howl Horn reward is yours.

Series 21 Dry Season: #FORZATHON Shop Highlights

The rewards available this week in Series 21’s Dry Season are two cars, an emote and a hat, and the always available Wheelspins.

Both cars are available at the auto show for a combined price of a bargain CR850,000. The items available in the Forzathon Store this week are:

  • Porsche 911 GT2 1995 – 400FP
  • What’s included in the emote – 75 FP
  • Horizon Raptors Cap – 75 FP
  • Ford #5 Escort RS 1800 MKII – 300FP
  • 1x Super Wheelspin – 150 FP
  • 1x Horizon Wheelspin – 60 FP

Weekly #FORZATHON Challenge: Engineered for Driving

As for the weekly challenge this season, you need to jump into the 2011 BMW X5 M, win a street race in the S1 class, earn 3 stars in speed zones and finally get a kangaroo ability to complete the challenge. Enjoy!

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