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How to complete the Road Ready Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5

We’ve got another treasure hunt coming up at the Forza Horizon 5 High Performance Festival!

With the onset of the winter “dry season” there are a number of quests to complete that will unlock new items. Most of these tasks also add points that can unlock even more content, including another new car in the game!

The cars you can unlock this week are the Audi RS 6 ’21 for 20 PTS and the Noble M600 for 40 PTS. This Audi is one of the four new cars added this month.

As for the series itself, you can unlock the 2010 Ferrari 599XX for 80 points and the 1993 McLaren F1 for 160 points.


The treasure hunt, titled “Road Ready,” carries with it the clue, “Toys never do well on tarmac, but maybe a toy meant for the race track is better?”

To do this, you need to jump into any “Track Toy” type vehicle. The cheapest to own at the auto show is the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R for 75,000 credits if required. I hopped in this delicious Ford Mustang Mach E. You can filter your own cars or cars you want to focus on by type just by searching “track toy”.

Players must win a street race of any type. Find one of these blue street racing symbols and compete against the Drivatars for the fastest and easiest results.

Upon completion, an orange circle will appear over the Aerodromo en la Selva in the southwest of the map.

The treasure chest is in one of the hangars right next to the airstrip, in the southeast part near the barn find in the area.

Just hit the treasure chest and the 100 FP and 3 PTS are yours.


This week’s photo challenge has you hop in a retro supercar and head to the Temple of Quechula.

The cheapest retro supercar is the 2004 Porsche 911 GT3, a rare car that can be purchased for as little as 65,000 credits at the auto show. Personally, I prefer how my 1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta looks for this photo challenge.

The Quechula Temple is located southwest of the Cordillera, with the Sierra Verde Dam being a little dry at this time of year. It is also east of Mulege.

While next to the temple ruins, simply open the camera app by pressing up on the d-pad and tapping A to take the picture and get the rewards.

Upon completion, the message “THIS IS NOT ALSO MY FINAL FORM!” appears. The Forza Link reward is yours. This can be equipped by going to the customization section in the pause menu.


This week’s Dry Season Series 20 rewards include two cars, namely the 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS and the Aston Martin DB11.

They complement the Mexican Traffic Light Car Horn and Black Speed ​​Trap Tee items, as well as the always available Horizon and Super Wheelspins.

Both cars can be bought at the auto show for a total price of 2,300,000 CR. The items available in the Forzathon Store this week are:

  • Koenigsegg Agera RS 2017 – 700FP
  • Mexican Traffic Light Car Horn – 75 FP
  • Black Speed ​​Trap T-Shirt – 75 FP
  • Aston Martin DB11 2017 – 300FP
  • 1x Super Wheelspin – 150 FP
  • 1x Horizon Wheelspin – 60 FP


This week’s #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge requires you to enter the 2015 Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020.

To complete the entire in-car challenge, you must spend 25,000 credits or more on upgrades, win the Festival Drag Strip event, and finally maintain a speed of 180 mph or 289 km/h for 10 seconds. Enjoy!

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