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How to easily extract telemetry data from rFactor 2

Are you a professional rFactor 2 racer who wants to easily extract telemetry data? Look no further! In 2023 there is an easy way to install a plugin that will give you access to your rFactor 2 data Motec I2.

Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Download the plugin tool from the Studio 397 forum.

step 2: Use the handler executable to run the rFactor 2 Dam plugin. This will open a window asking you to add your rf2 root folder which is in your steamapps/common/rf2 Binder.

step 3: Open your rFactor 2 Game and navigate to settings. On the Gameplay tab, go to the bottom right where it says “Plugins”. Make sure the Dam plugin DLL is set to “At”.

step 4: Quit the game and navigate back to your steamapps/common/rf2 folder. Check the motec plugin.ini file to make sure it is actively collecting data. To do this, right-click and open the file in a text editor. Make sure the “Active OnStar Startup” is set to 1.

step 5: Do some rounds in the game to collect data. You should have a list of data files in your rFactor 2 log folder, which is also in your steamapps/common folder.

step 6: Click on one of the files with a red icon to open the Motec I2 PRO (assuming you already have it installed).

step 7: Analyze your data! 😀

By following these simple steps you can easily extract your telemetry data from rFactor 2 and use it to improve your driving skills.

In summary, installing the Dam plugin tool for rFactor 2 and using the Motec I2 to extract telemetry data is a straightforward process that can bring great benefits to racers looking to improve their skills.

By analyzing your data, you can gain valuable insights into your driving behavior and specifically improve your performance on the track.

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