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How to get and use vehicle specific and special parts in Gran Turismo 7

What are vehicle specific parts in Gran Turismo 7?

The car-specific parts in Gran Turismo 7 are prize parts that you can win in-game via the Daily Workout Roulettes and, as the name suggests, are specific to certain cars.

What you receive is random and can contain several possible special upgrades known as “S-Parts” in addition to regular items.

In general, however, they are regular parts that you can buy yourself, only you get them for free. That’s a bonus I take…

What are S parts in Gran Turismo 7?

S-Parts or Special Parts are car upgrades that are not available in the regular tuning shop and can only be purchased through the Daily Workout Roulettes in Gran Turismo 7.

These include ultra-high RPM turbochargers, Stage 5 weight reduction or carbon propeller shafts.

S vs normal tuning part, Gran Turismo 7

How to earn Vehicle Specific Parts and S-Parts

The only way to acquire these in Gran Turismo 7 currently is through roulette tickets. These can be won by completing the daily workout where you drive 26.219 miles and will reward you with a random ticket that can have up to six stars. The more stars, the better the price you can get with this ticket.

Some of the prizes are cash in play, others are whole cars or engines, maybe even a prompt to buy, and finally just car parts.

Gran Turismo 7 parts roulette

You can also find tickets for some of the cafe menu books, and many of these can be section specific tickets where you only get a random part as a prize, but these are relatively rare.

Where are earned car parts stored?

The parts you earn are stored in your garage in Gran Turismo 7 and can be found in the Custom Parts section.

Gran Turismo 7 tuning parts

Here you will find all the parts that you own but have yet to install in a car. They’re under the Engines section, so scroll down if they’re not immediately obvious.

Gran Turismo 7 car specific parts

As with the engines, these parts have a suggested retail value, but there is currently no way to sell them. Strange. Hopefully this is a feature coming in a future update. If the part is one of the elusive special parts, its value will simply show as Not For Sale.

How do I install vehicle specific parts?

It’s a smoother system than engine swaps because on the tuning parts page you see a list of cars you have parts for.

The game also quite helpfully tells you whether or not you already own this car by indicating “Collected” or “Not Owned” on the tile. Clean. When you select the tile, it will show you what parts you have for that car.

Install Gran Turismo 7 tuning part

However, where it’s not that helpful, you’ll then need to select the car you want to fit parts into from your garage and then return to this screen to swap them out.

The car you’re currently in should be the first option on the screen and have a key icon in the tile. Select it and choose the part you want to install and it will be applied to your car.

What’s frustrating is that the regular tuning shop where you buy items doesn’t show if you already have one in the tuning parts section that you could install for free. It may be worth checking there before upgrading a car you just bought to avoid wasting previous credits.

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