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How to get early access to the F1 23 game

With EA Sports F1 23 releasing on June 16th and pre-orders now live, there are multiple ways to purchase or even preview the game before that date.

Whether it’s EA Play, Game Pass, or just purchasing the digital-only Champions Edition, here are all the methods you can use to race in F1 23 before the majority of people – with the exception of the closed public beta, for which registrations are now closed .

Pre-order the F1 23 Champions Edition

While the main game will be released on June 16th, 2023, the digital-only Champions Edition offers three days early access and therefore launches on June 16th.

Pre-orders are now available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox for this version, which carries a $20/£20 premium over the standard edition but will unlock on June 16th. It also includes the following digital bonuses:

  • Las Vegas Limited-Time Content (Pre-order before May 31, 2023)
  • Max Verstappen Racewear Pack
  • Braking Point 2 Icons and Vanity Item Pack
  • Double Permission
  • Four new “My Team” icons
  • XP Boost
  • F1 World Bumper Pack
  • 18,000 PitCoins

Who doesn’t love unclear digital bonuses, right? We’ve been looking forward to the Vanity Item Pack…

However, to reiterate, the Champions Edition is not available in physical form and will remain on sale even after the Standard Edition is released. It is the only version that also comes with dual digital entitlement.

EA Play Pro subscription

Beginning June 13, those who subscribe to EA Play Pro will have access to the Champions Edition, including all bonus digital content.

EA Play Pro is the highest subscription tier from game publishers and, to be clear, is not part of Game Pass. Available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, EA Play Pro is a monthly subscription service that gives full access to a library of current EA titles.

Unlike a lower EA Play subscription where games have to wait several months before games are added to the library, EA Play Pro’s Play List includes all titles published by Electronic Arts from the day of their release.

EA Play Pro costs $14.99/£14.99 per month or $89.99/£89.99 per year.

EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate five-hour early access trial

EA Play subscribers can try F1 23 for up to five hours for free starting June 13, 2023, three days before the release of the Standard Edition.

A subscription is also included in the PC and Ultimate tiers of Game Pass, but not in the entry-level, base-console-only tier of the service.

Play EA Sports F1 23 EA

EA Play is a paid service on PC, PlayStation and Xbox that gives users access to a library of games – though not from day one unlike the EA Play Pro tier – but also a time-limited trial of newly released games of the American gaming giant.

So for F1 23 on the 13th, EA Play users can download the full game and play each part of it for up to five hours, but after that time you will be banned unless you purchase the full digital game.

EA Play costs $3.99/£3.99 per month or $19.99/£19.99 per year. Meanwhile, Game Pass for PC is $9.99 / £7.99 per month and Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99 / £10.99 per month.

EA Sports F1 23 EA Play Game Trial

Is F1 23 on Game Pass?

The base F1 23 isn’t currently included with Xbox Game Pass, but those who subscribe to Game Pass on PC or have the Ultimate tier will have access to an early five-hour trial thanks to EA Play on June 13, 2023.

However, F1 22 is included under the EA Play umbrella at the time of release.

Based on both F1 2021 and F1 22, we expect F1 23 to also be part of EA Play’s playlist (library) within Q1 2024 – although this is currently unconfirmed.

F1 23 game pass

F1 23 EA Play Bonus XP

As a final addition, those who subscribe to either EA Play or EA Play Pro will receive 5,000 bonus XP each month within F1 23 – until F1 24 is expected to be released.

F1 23 PS5 |  video game |  English

F1 23 PS5 | video game | English

  • Brake last in EA SPORTS F1 23, the official video game of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship
  • A new chapter is opened in F1 23
  • The new race courses in Las Vegas and Qatar, red flags, 35% race distance and more
  • Complete challenges, compete for rewards and earn upgrades as you journey through Formula 1 with a new progression system
  • The bonus code will be emailed to the account holder by Amazon once the order has shipped

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