How to use My Team icons in F1 23

A recurring feature of the annual Formula 1 games, My Team Icons are digital bonus items usually obtained with the purchase of a fancy edition. Included in F1 23 are eight of these as part of the Champions Edition, along with other items and early access.

What are my team icons?

My Team Icons are in-game characters from F1 history, recreated in F1 23, for use in My Team manager mode. You can match former real driver legends to your own fictional team.

My team icons are in F1 23

This year the following additions are available with the purchase of the Champions Edition:

  • Nigel Mansell
  • Jamie Chadwick
  • Kamui Kobayashi
  • Pastor Maldonado

These are in F1 23 alongside several existing My Team icons that are returning:

  • Michael sSchumacher
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Jacques Villeneuve
  • Mika Hakkinen
  • Jenson Button
  • Felipe Massa
  • Mark Webber

Note the absence of Nico Rosberg, Alain Prost and especially Nico Hulkenberg who was a My Team icon last season but is now back in the main driver line-up.

Nigel Mansell F1 23 My Team Icon

What about the Braking Point 2 characters?

Oh yes, these can also be used as a teammate in My Team mode and are also part of the Champions Edition pack. They include:

  • Callie Mayer
  • Casper Akkerman
  • Aiden Jackson
  • Devon Butler

Braking point 2 F1 23 My team icon

My Team Icon Ratings

driver Evaluation Experience racing art consciousness tempo Costs
Michael sSchumacher 95 96 93 92 96 10 million dollars
Ayrton Senna 94 77 97 96 94 $8M
Jacques Villeneuve 92 95 92 92 92 $4M
Nigel Mansell 90 81 91 90 90 5 million dollars
Mika Hakkinen 90 79 91 89 91 $4M
Jenson Button 89 96 94 95 85 $4M
Felipe Massa 86 92 88 86 85 $3 million
Mark Webber 85 85 88 77 85 $3 million
Kamui Kobayashi 85 60 94 83 83 $2.5M
Aiden Jackson 84 66 85 83 85 $2.5M
Devon Butler 83 71 88 68 83 $2.5M
Pastor Maldonado 82 65 83 65 85 $2.5M
Casper Akkerman 81 90 78 86 80 $2.5M
Jamie Chadwick 68 39 64 66 74 1 million dollars
Callie Mayer 70 44 70 66 73 1 million dollars

How to select My Team icons in My Team

To access the icons, after purchasing the Champions Edition of F1 23, start a new “My Team” in the career menu.

When you set your desired career options, towards the end you will be promoted to activate My Team Icons.

There are two options here: use or skip.

F1 23 Activate the

Obviously, select “Use” for the icons to appear in the career. If you skip, they don’t exist.

Once you’ve customized your driver, selected your engine supplier, and customized your livery, it’s time to select a teammate. You can select the Formula 2 grid 2022 or see the symbols used here. Select one here as your teammate to see them on the track.

F1 23 My Team Icons are driving the My Team market

If you don’t select an icon, the opposing teams are not on the track. But they’re still part of the driver’s market, so by the end of your first season you have the option of signing one – assuming you have enough cash to do so.

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