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Intense rally action: hands-on with the Super Woden GP 2 demo

Following on from its retro-inspired isometric racing hit Super Woden GP in 2021, Spanish developer ViJuDa is already close to completing a sequel.

Super Woden GP 2 aims to build on the successful formula of the first game, with faithfully rendered retro cars coupled with an intuitive and smooth driving model.

In our review of the first game, we called Super Woden GP “a fierce love letter to what many consider to be the golden era of gaming,” citing the ’90s isometric aesthetic and plethora of vehicles (70+!). huge pluses.

We had the chance to try out the demo of Super Woden GP 2 titled “Super Woden Rally The Arcade Demo” ahead of the indie developer-focused Steam Next Fest (June 19-26, 2023). But the question is; Is there enough new ideas and content to make it stand out from the original?

The car is the star

The outstanding feature of Super Woden GP 2 (SWGP 2) is the list of recognizable cars. Although unlicensed, all of the game’s vehicles will look familiar to motorsport fans. The in-game editor allows players to manually edit their names for added authenticity. (Just like I did back in Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 2!)

From Mitsubishi Evo VIs to Zakspeed Ford Capris, SWGP 2 offers a car for everyone to enjoy, with a revamped game map that allows players to buy new cars – which, by the way, is reminiscent of those from Gran Turismo 2, though you can see the first previews.

This brings the number of vehicles in SWGP 2 well over 100. In the final game, there are rally, road and oval races available to try out, including snow, gravel and tarmac track surfaces, and day and night conditions.

It’s clear that ViJuDa has a passion for all kinds of motorsports and retro racing games, thanks to its colorful looks and in-game music that beeps and chirps like it was composed on an 8-bit NES. Pure nostalgia.

Super Woden GP 2 Demo, Steam

Handle with care

Now let’s move on to an area where arcade racing games sink or swim: driving physics.

Thankfully, the SWGP 2 demo does a great job of demonstrating the handling of the game’s rally car. There are eight tracks to play with, covering the full range of gravel, snow and tarmac stages.

The vehicles available include versions of the Subaru Impreza, Toyota Celica GT-Four and Lancia Stratos, among others, but they all feel very similar despite differing values ​​in performance, top speed, grip and steering.

Super Woden GP 2 Demo, Steam

Cars feel heavy, well-timed drifts are fun. Only the tightest corners require light braking (or a back-off), and each stage is littered with shortcuts and obstacles to catch the unwary.

However, each course takes time to master, and thanks to the game’s arcade inspiration, you’re given three “lives” to progress through the eight tracks. If you fail three times, it’s game over. There’s no practice or time trial mode to build your familiarity with each stage. But hey, this is a demo, so no need to worry.

The action, too, rushes by at an impressive pace, so there’s no end to the action as you string together multiple left-right combinations, aided by the game’s occasionally somewhat skimpy pacing notes.

Super Woden GP 2 Demo, Steam

Ooh, racer

However, what the game does offer is working online leaderboards, so I can see exactly how far off the pace I really am. Impressively.

And that’s another aspect of SWGP 2 to look forward to; its community side. ViJuDa has promised that at release the game will feature split-screen multiplayer for up to four players, making it a fun social activity with short enough stages and tracks to keep things varied.

The developer has also announced that the finished game will feature multiple game modes; including championships, rallies, weekend events, arcade mode and endurance racing, with auto-tuning already announced (again borrowing from Gran Turismo 2 with an oil change and car wash).

Super Woden GP 2 Demo, Steam

Here we have a game that follows a similar path to its predecessor, but builds on it with more content and variety. Of course it’s hard to say how this will play out in the full version of Super Woden GP 2, but from our first impressions from the demo it’s going to be an addictive racing game full of motorsport passion and nostalgia.

Although Super Woden GP 2 was originally only available for PC, the predecessor received versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch at a later date, which may indicate ViJuDa’s future plan of action.

Super Woden GP 2 Demo, Steam

The Super Woden GP 2 demo is available to try now until the end of Steam’s latest edition of Next Fest – June 26th, 2023. The game is also available on Steam as a wishlist with a planned release date of sometime in 2023.

Do you like the look of Super Woden GP 2? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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