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iRacing: A partnership with the FIA ​​for F4

A small step for the series, but a giant leap for iRacing. The American platform has broadened its horizons of partnerships with one of the big players. The FIA, which had distanced itself from Gran Turismo 7 a few years ago, has decided to look again at simulators through a collaboration with iRacing to support this development series.

Racing, the world’s leading motorsport simulation and eSports leader, is extremely pleased to announce an official partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to bring iRacing a licensed FIA Formula 4 experience. As part of the agreement, the car, currently known as the iRacing Formula iR-04, will be relaunched as the FIA ​​F4 with the release of iRacing’s 2023 season three in June.

Nikolas Tombazis, FIA Singles Seater Director, said: “This partnership with iRacing is an important step in the development of grassroots sport.” Virtual racing is a key area for the FIA ​​in its goal of doubling global participation in motorsport, both as an independent discipline and as a route into real competition. The next generation of racers is already heavily engaged in this space which is removing many of the historical barriers to entry as it is inexpensive, easily accessible and offers opportunities to increase diversity and engagement in new and emerging markets. The FIA-certified Formula 4 Championships represent the first step for drivers to make the transition from karting to car racing, and to have in iRacing a highly respected, industry-leading partner bringing this global framework online is fantastic news.”

“We are very pleased to have formalized a partnership agreement with the FIA,” said iRacing President Tony Gardner. “The F4 platform has proven incredibly popular and exciting in both the real and virtual worlds, and we know our members will benefit from the synergy between our two organizations. With many national FIA ASNs already running events through iRacing, this alliance will only further expand the opportunities for future motorsport stars to break into sim racing. In addition to iRacing’s new FIA F4 Challenge, iRacing and the FIA ​​are discussing other esports plans for the future.”

Announced in 2013 ahead of its debut in 2014, the FIA ​​Formula 4 platform is enjoying increasing popularity around the world as the ideal first step up the global open-wheel racing ladder. Each F4 car features a wide range of different chassis and engine manufacturers and is limited to 160hp to ensure equal performance worldwide. FIA-certified Formula 4 Championships are now held on four continents and were set up by FIA member organisations.

The iRacing version of the FIA ​​Formula 4 car benefits from the same level of analysis, detail, data and testing that members have come to expect, while the generic model allows for use by FIA member clubs worldwide without manufacturer conflicts. iRacing offers its more than 200,000 active users several public series around the FIA ​​​​Formula 4, with options for both individual setups and fixed performances. Dozens of real world FIA Formula 4 venue tracks are already available on iRacing, with more to come in future releases.

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