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iRacing – “Don’t count on rain in June”

On the 48th episode of iRacing Downshift, hosted by iRacing contributors Greg West (Associate Producer at iRacing), Kevin Bobbitt (Director of Marketing at iRacing) and Chris Leone (Marketing and Communications Manager at iRacing), joke about what’s to come Rain system in the sim was mentioned at the beginning.

The episode, which lasts just over an hour, was released on Friday (April 14). About 12 minutes and 50 seconds into the episode, West and Bobbitt switched the podcast’s conversation to updates on the rain. “All we say is ‘hashtag soon,'” Bobbitt said.

“The good news is that progress is being made and Greg Hill was able to show us a picture. He doesn’t do that if we don’t make progress on things… It’s coming.” iRacing recently teased the rain system in social posts on April 1st. While it wasn’t a prank, it certainly got social media buzzing.

“It’s not coming in June,” West replied. “I realize I’ve said that for every build lately. Don’t expect rain in June. Let’s set realistic expectations. rain is hard.”

West went into some of the other details, which are some of the challenges of adding rain to the existing simulation. While this is certainly a little disappointing for iRacing fans looking to get into wet weather racing on the sim, it’s worth noting that visually it seems to be making a lot of progress between the first images and the most recent ones.

From the sounds of what West and Bobbitt outlined in the short blurb, Greg Hill (Senior Vice President and Executive Producer at iRacing) along with the development team is making good progress on the system. However, we already knew from a previous show last year that they take the time to get it right.


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However, as also mentioned in the podcast, there should be a “dirt update” in the Season 3 build in June 2023. Later in the show, iRacing eSports Senior Competition Manager Tyler Hudson, one of this episode’s guests, also hinted that the updates will include more than just the dirty side of the simulation.

“It’s more than just dirt refreshment, it’s oval too,” said Hudson. “Our car dynamics guys are going through this and we are reviewing our material for short stretches to better align our lap times and grip settings with real world data that we need to correlate. It’s a project that kind of morphed into the oval side of things too.”

The full episode is available on multiple podcasting platforms and all can be found on the iRacing website. Also check out our iRacing rain wish list we made last year!

SOURCE: iRacing

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