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iRacing is collaborating with the Prodigy Racing League, a new competition

A new competition that offers top simracers the opportunity to become a real racer. Toyota GR86 Cup and Zolder will be the weapons for the occasion.

iRacing is pleased to announce a partnership with Racing Prodigy, a pioneering sports, entertainment and media company dedicated to helping sim racers realize their real motorsport dreams through Racing Prodigy’s new Prodigy Racing League (PRL), the world’s first e2Real-Sport, make league a reality. Registration for PRL’s first series, the PRL iRacing GR86 Cup Open Challenge, which will begin later this month, begins today at The series’ top performers, as well as numerous other PRL events throughout the rest of the year, will have the opportunity to compete in Radical SR1 during the inaugural Prodigy Week at Atlanta Motorsports Park from October 30th to November 1st.

“At Racing Prodigy we are lowering the financial barriers to entering motorsport to the same level as traditional sports. “Players only need a console, mobile device or PC with a steering wheel and pedals to participate in esports tournaments. In doing so, we are opening the sport we love to the few to the many,” said David Cook, CEO of Racing Prodigy, in a press release. “The PRL is the new home for racers of all backgrounds and abilities to pursue their motorsport dreams from screen to track. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in motorsport and today is a significant step forward.”

Your first step up the e2Real leaderboard begins with the Prodigy Racing League (PRL) iRacing GR86 Cup Open Challenge. On June 19, 2023, the first global e-sports tournament will start in the PRL. Using the iRacing platform, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their racing skills by putting the Toyota GR86 Cup car to the test at the prestigious Circuit Zolder in Belgium.

Prepare for intense competition as you battle for the coveted Prodigy Pass. This pass gives you access to Prodigy Week in November where you can learn, train and compete in our real racing event. It is the first-ever award in the Prodigy Racing League and symbolizes your participation in this groundbreaking moment.

The Toyota GR86 Cup car poses an additional challenge in the tournament. With nimble handling, precision is required when navigating the long, sweeping corners and hairpins of Circuit Zolder. The Circuit Zolder is known for its hilly terrain with elevation changes that add an extra dimension to the racing dynamics. The changed grades require drivers to adjust their braking points and throttle control, adding a strategic element to the races.

To join, you need a valid iRacing account, a free or premium membership to Racing Prodigy, and a determination to prove yourself on the virtual track. All skill levels are welcome, providing a level playing field for experienced sim racers and up-and-coming talent to make their mark in the PRL.

The Prodigy Pass isn’t the only award on offer. Official partners Asetek SimSports® and SIM-LAB are generously providing additional prizes and rewarding participants who demonstrate their racing skills.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience and seize this historic opportunity to make your mark on the PRL. Earn the first Prodigy Pass and secure your ticket to Prodigy Week in November. Join us in this groundbreaking moment, driven by passion, skill and a desire to create an enduring legacy in motorsport.

Please refer to the PRL iRacing GR86 Cup Open Challenge Official Competition Rules for full details on eligibility, participation, tournament structure, schedule, schedule, prizes and penalties.

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