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Happen often. If you want to be fast, you have to take control.

So here’s this outdated table of iRacing’s keyboard shortcuts:

Black Box Control

TAB Splits/Delta
F1 lap time
F2 Ranking
F3 Relative
F4 Fuel Statistics
F5 tires
F6 tire info
F7 In Pit Adjustments
F8 adjustments in the car
F9 mirror adjustment
HOME Reset the currently selected control
Down Select previous control
Right Increment Selected Control
Decrease selected control on left
Spacebar Toggle selected control

tax orders

S starter
Shift+R Enter/exit/tow vehicle

Look left/right

Z Look to the left
X Look right

Other controls

T text chat
/ [num] Whisper or selective chat
/r [message] Reply to the last private message
[ Increase FOV
] reduce field of view
Shift+[ Increase Driving View(VanishY)
Shift+] Zoom out driving view (VanishY)
P Speed/Gear/Pedal Gauge
F FPS/Network Display
V camera view
C Change driver
Ctrl+Page Up Increase UI
Crtl+PageDown Shrink UI

Don’t forget to map the speed limiter to avoid black flags in the pits.

A more extensive list can be found here

Remember that you can join iRacing click here.

See you on the track!

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