iRacing: New LMDh cars are coming soon

There are some rumors on social media from some drivers claiming that iRacing may soon add more LMDh cars to join the recently added BMW M Hybrid V8.

LMDh cars are the new prototypes that will compete in both the WEC and IMSA from this year. Some of the manufacturers who have already confirmed their participation in this category are Porsche, Cadillac, Acura, BMW and Lamborghini. Currently iRacing has some LMP2 and DPi models along with the BMW M Hybrid V8but there has been no official announcement as to whether they will be adding these new models that are already competing outside of the simulator.

However, there are some hints on social media pointing to the addition of new models. For example, Renger van der Zande posted an answer to a question on his Instagram account:

It’s not clear if the content has already been scanned or will be scanned soon, but it strongly hints at the addition of Cadillac V-LMDH to iRacing. Something similar happened a few weeks ago when Anthony Felix DaCosta retweeted a teaser showing what’s new Porsche 963 LMDhalong with a mention of decorating platform Trading Paints and iRacing.

For all sim racers…prep your paint trading skills…damn cool Porsche LMDH livery is coming! @JotaSport @iRacing @tradingpaints @PorscheRaces

— Antonio Felix da Costa (@afelixdacosta) March 1, 2023

For now these are all the details we have on these new additions, but rumors from some drivers on social media suggest that these cars could be added to iRacing soon.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for official news from iRacing about the addition of new LMDh models.

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